Alexander Rybin Journalist Found Dead On Roadside After Blasting Kremlin

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Alexander Rybin

Alexander Rybin Journalist Found Dead

A Russian journalist who had promised to provide fresh information about Putin’s “gigantic corruption” was discovered dead. In the Rostov area of Russia, Alexander Rybin, 39, was found dead by the side of the road close to Shakhty. With Putin’s war against Ukraine, he is the most recent in a string of enigmatic deaths connected to the media. After visiting occupied Mariupol and criticising Putin for his tardiness in reconstructing the bomb-torn city, Rybin was discovered dead. An autopsy revealed “cardiomyopathy” as the cause of death, Russian official media reported. His possessions and bank cards were still in place.

Alexander Rybin journalist

In 2014 and 2015, Rybin fought for pro-Putin forces in Luhansk, but he lost faith in the “Russian Spring” movement. He had travelled far in the course of covering various Russian media, including outlets sympathetic to Putin. “There is gigantic money here, there are gigantic opportunities for corruption,” he said to Mariupol viewers on December 30.”The year 2023 is in no way easier for the residents of Mariupol than what was happening in 2022, unfortunately,” is how I interpret the massive corruption that is rife in Mariupol, which the Russian army heavily occupied in the spring of 2022. I’m not accusing anyone of anything.

He promised to elaborate further later. It occurred a few days following the discovery of Kuban, the top editor of one of Putin’s propaganda TV networks, dead from what appeared to be poisoning. Together with her ex-husband Andrey Gubatiyka, Zoya Konovalova, 48, who operated a channel close to the front lines of Mad Vlad’s illegal battle, was discovered in her bedroom. “The preliminary cause of death is poisoning by an unknown substance,” according to a report by her station. According to sources, a piece of a plastic bag containing a “powdery substance” was discovered in the TV host’s private residence in Krasnodar city.


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