Amateur treasure hunter plunges 130ft to his death in hole he dug inside his home

A man died after falling down a 130 foot hole he dug under his kitchen floor after dreaming there was gold buried under his property in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

João Pimenta, 71, lost his balance Thursday afternoon and plunged down the massive pit he excavated, which ended up being as tall as a 12-story building.

Neighbors told local media outlets that following a “prophetic dream” João had become obsessed with the idea that there was gold buried beneath his kitchen floor and had spent over a year digging for the treasure.

One neighbor, Arnaldo da Silva, told GLOBO he had tried to advise the elderly man against digging the dangerously deep hole, but the man insisted, convinced he would reach gold if he continued his search.

The massive hole was about 130 feet deep. Corpo de Bombeiros Militar / Minas Gerais

Da Silva even said that in recent days his neighbor had spoken of finding dynamite to blow up a large rock that had been hindering the excavation.

Extraordinary photos of the hole, which was around 35 inches in diameter and about 130 feet deep, have circulated online as well as in Brazilian media.

João Pimenta became obsessed with digging a hole in his kitchen after a dream. Family Handout

According to the neighbor, João would also pay others to help dig the hole, increasing their rate of pay as the chasm grew deeper. Most recently he had paid others up to $500 to assist in his efforts.

Local police responded to his home Thursday after he had fallen and the elderly man’s body was taken to a medical center for an autopsy examination.

João would pay others to help him dig the massive hole. Corpo de Bombeiros Militar / Minas Gerais

He was found to have suffered head injuries and broken legs as well as other fractures and was pronounced dead.

Officials were unsure exactly how long João had been working on the hole.


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