Australian cafe owner kicks out family of tantrum-throwing toddler, sparking fierce debate

They scream for ice cream.

An Australian mom called for a boycott of a local gelato shop after its owner kicked out a family of four whose children were reportedly throwing a tantrum over having to share a scoop — but her request sparked fierce debate online with many siding with the business owner.

Laura Edwards posted a video of the Italian cafe and gelateria called Adelle’s Cafe in Magnetic Island while stating that the family was kicked out because their young child was crying, the Townsville Bulletin reported.

“Adelle’s Cafe — do not support,” Edwards said as she filmed the exterior of the local establishment. “Absolutely disgusting. Don’t support this business.”

A child’s cries can be heard in the background of the clip.

But cafe co-owner Adrian Dalloste told the local publication that Edwards didn’t witness the whole situation involving the kids crying and screaming for about 15 minutes and was confused by her decision to intervene.

Cafe owner Adrian Dall’oste was praised for throwing out a family and their screaming toddler. Facebook

“Both children became upset when told they would be sharing a gelato between them, one of the children swiped decorations from the counter and threw a steel flask on the tile floor,” Dalloste said.

He said the kids were so loud that it was bothering other customers.

“For approximately 15 minutes the children were crying and screaming disturbing the other clientele trying to enjoy their meals and [the] ambiance of the cafe,” he told the Bulletin. “The crying and screaming was constant and loud.”

The owner of Adelle’s Cafe claimed the kids were too loud and was bothering other customers at the business. Facebook

He said he politely asked the family to leave and apologized while doing so, but the father was combative and they refused to leave at first until he threatened to call the police.

“I walked back into the cafe to avoid any more confrontation as they became quite vocal,” the co-owner said.

Edwards, who has three children of her own, bashed Dalloste for his decision to kick the family out.

The family was asked to leave, but the father was combative until the owner threatened to call the police. Facebook

“It wasn’t a meltdown or tantrum, my kids make more noise than these kids do, it was just a grizzly kid needing some help to sort through his emotion at the time,” she told the Bulletin. “The parents were sitting down with them, they weren’t running riot.”

Online, many commenters said Edwards should just mind her own business.

“Good on the business owner, I would of done the exact same thing. He has a duty to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience. I have kids and when they were little, if they carried on like little brats I would of packed up and left out of the respect for others,” one woman said, according to the Daily Mail.

“Responsible parents should either have taught said children how to behave and show respect for others or remove them from annoying others,” another commenter added.


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