Black man’s Ford Mustang defaced with racial slur, swastika

A black family living in Los Angeles was horrified to discover their Ford Mustang defaced with a vile racial slur and swastikas over the holidays.

Reginald Scott, who has lived in the San Pedro neighborhood for 20 years, told the station KTLA that his sports car was allegedly vandalized sometime between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

The unidentified alleged hatemonger used black spray paint to scrawl the words “Merry Christmas n—-r” in huge letters across the right side of the red Mustang.

Swastikas were painted on the car’s bumper and its tires were also slashed.

“I couldn’t believe this happened to me in San Pedro,” said Scott.

The victim suspects that the reported racially-charged vandalism may have been in retaliation for parking his Mustang in front of someone’s house.

Reginald Scott’s Ford Mustang is seen vandalized with swastikas in the middle of San Pedro, California. GoFundMe
During the holidays, an unidentified vandal spray-painted the words “Merry Christmas n—-r” on Scott’s car. KTLA
Scott, who has lived in San Pedro for 20 years, said he suspects the reported vandalism may have been in retaliation for parking in front of someone’s house. KTLA

“Even if you’re parked where you’re not supposed to be, I don’t think that gives you the right to spray paint somebody’s car and call them a racial slur,” said Scott’s 12-year-old son. “That’s hurtful.”

The alleged victim said it is not the first time his property has been targeted by unknown goons.

On Halloween, Scott claims someone slashed the tires on his pickup truck.

On Halloween, Scott claims a vandal slashed the tires on his pickup truck. KTLA
Two years ago, Scott’s other vehicle was reportedly set on fire . KTLA

About two years earlier, another vehicle Scott owned was reportedly set on fire.

The married dad-of-one said the repeated instances of alleged sabotage have left his wife fearful for their family’s safety.

“She doesn’t want the doors to be unlocked,” Scott said. “She’s pretty much on high alert.”

Scott’s 12-year-old son said the racially-charged vandalism was “hurtful.” KTLA

The Scott family are now thinking of leaving San Pedro for good and have launched a GoFundMe asking for donations to help them with the move.

“Having a racial slur spray painted on the family vehicle is shameful, embarrassing, and difficult to explain to my child. We also, no longer feel safe,” reads the fundraiser’s description.


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