Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman dodges conservatorship

Cher’s estranged son Elijah Blue Allman appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday, a day after his superstar mom said he was missing — where a judge declined to immediately place him under a temporary conservatorship.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jessica A. Uzcategui ruled that Cher’s attorneys had not given Allman and his lawyers the necessary documents to give them adequate time to make their case.

Another hearing was scheduled for Jan. 29.

Allman, 47, appeared with his wife, singer Mariangela “Queeny” King, but the “Believe” actress was a no-show.

Cher’s attorneys spoke on her behalf and asked the judge to urgently approve her request, arguing it was a “life and death situation.”

“We need the ability today to retrieve the monies on behalf of Mr. Allman to make sure the money is guarded,” one of the attorneys representing Cher told Judge Uzcategui.

Last week, the Academy Award-winning actress, 77, filed a petition for control over her son’s finances, saying that his battles with addiction and severe mental health issues have left him unable to manage his money.

In a new filing Thursday, Cher argued that immediate action was needed or his life would be “at risk.”

“Such funds will be immediately spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself and putting his life at risk,” she said in the petition obtained by Page Six.

Elijah Blue Allman said he was doing drugs from a young age. Getty Images
Elijah Blue Allman in 2002. MediaPunch / BACKGRID

Meanwhile, Allman, who stayed mostly quiet during Friday’s brief hearing, also asked the judge to release a court-appointed attorney from his case because he has obtained his own council.

Allman and King left together with their throng of attorneys and refused to comment on the case.

The on-again-off-again pair have reconciled after Allman filed for divorce in 2021 after eight years of marriage.

Cher filed for conservatorship over Elijah Blue Allman. WireImage

Regina Ratner, King’s divorce attorney, confirmed to The Post her client and Allman decided to dismiss their divorce case on Tuesday.

“They have been working on reconciling since April and that has happened now,” Ratner said. 

The petition for conservatorship comes a year after King alleged in divorce papers that Cher had hired four men to kidnap her husband from a New York hotel room in an apparent intervention to get him into rehab.

The “Goddess of Pop” has denied the kidnapping claims.

In a statement released by her record label, Verdict Music, King, blasted the “Moonstruck” actress for attempting to place her husband in a “locked cage” without her consent.

“I have always been a champion for the sober community and for Elijah’s sobriety,” she said.

“I have full confidence in legitimate, ethically operated, HIPAA protected American medical establishments that offer long standing, time-tested treatment for those suffering from substance abuse or any number of mental health issues. What I am not ok with are establishments that exclude me (his wife) from being part of Elijah’s treatment and hopeful recovery.”

Elijah Blue Allman said he was doing drugs from age 11. Ron Davis

“I am not ok with pop-up, makeshift, unethical scam rehabs which take full advantage of families in desperate situations and seek to fraudulently exploit insurance companies for services not rendered,” King continued.

“I am especially not ok with Elijah being coerced under false pretenses on or about October 17, 2023 into participating in an alternative medicine regimen and then being thrown into a lockdown facility in Mexico, sleeping behind a locked cage with six other individuals, under an imposed Mexican Conservatorship.”

King, dressed in a cream suit, held onto her husband’s hand as they walked out of the courthouse on Friday.


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