Connor Crumrine charged with second-degree murder in mom’s death

A 23-year-old Florida man allegedly stabbed his mother to death and wounded his two sisters ahead of a planned family cruise that was scheduled to leave the day after Christmas.

Connor Crumrine, who had allegedly told one of siblings to “sleep face down so that he can take her to heaven,” was charged with second-degree murder in the death of his mother, elementary school teacher Jennifer Crumrine, WINK reported.

He was previously charged with three counts of aggravated battery with a weapon and resisting an officer without violence after one of his sisters, Kasey Crumrine, 27, called 911 to report the brutal attack at taking place at their home in Chelsea Court in Port Charlotte.

Responding officers said they found 54-year-old Jennifer “had sustained multiple stab wounds” and that Connor Crumrine was “on top of his sister [Savannah] in his bedroom, actively engaged in a struggle,” CBS 12 reported, citing a police report.

“Connor still had the knife in his possession but was not actively using it at the time,” the report stated.

Connor Crumrine, 23, was charged with murder and aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing his mother to death and wounding his two sisters before a planned family cruise. Charlotte County Jail

He “was given multiple commands, which he ignored, and was ultimately tased, continued to be non-compliant with law enforcement orders and had to be physically removed from the bedroom, and detained on scene,” the complaint reportedly stated.

Jennifer was rushed to a hospital and later died from a gaping neck wound, officials said.

Savannah Crumrine, 25, later told police that he had told her “to sleep face down tonight so that he can take her to heaven and keep her from going to hell,” People reported, citing a paraphrase by investigators.

Jennifer Crumrine, 54, was stabbed in the upper back, hands and arms. Family Handout

“Connor began making statements to the family trying to teach them how to get into a fetal position and making statements about heaven and hell,” Nicholas Wrasse of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office wrote in an affidavit, according to People.

The young man also made “a finger gun gesture towards them,” Wrasse said.

The traumatized sisters reportedly told investigators that the family had slept in shifts with their bedroom doors locked.

The brutal attack occurred at the family’s home in Port Charlotte. ABC7

The morning of the attack, Jennifer reportedly told Kasey that she was skipping the cruise so that she could take Crumrine to Charlotte Behavioral Health Care, according to People.

Crumrine allegedly launched his attack when Jennifer had told Kasey to call the center for help, reportedly injuring his sibling as she attempted to disarm him.

Crumrine’s other sibling, Savannah, “then tackled Connor and began actively wrestling with him for control over the knife during which time Kasey attempted to provide lifesaving efforts to Jennifer” and called 911, according to the affidavit.

Jennifer Crumrine wanted to skip the cruise so she could take her son to a mental health center. Family Handout

Jennifer, who was stabbed in the upper back, hands and arms, was transported to Gulf Coast Medical Center, where she died.

Kasey was treated at Fawcett Memorial Hospital for the minor hand laceration and Crumrine was taken to Shore Point Health of Port Charlotte for a minor hand wound of his own, according to People.

During his first court appearance Dec. 27, Connor’s bond was set to $710,000 and he was ordered to have no contact with his sisters and to have no weapons in his possession.

He was later charged with second-degree murder.

Jennifer was a fourth-grade teacher at Sallie Jones Elementary School, which told parents only that she had “passed away,” Crime Online reported.

Connor’s next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 29.


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