Couples’ adorable daughter photobombs proposal video

She gave them the wrong type of engagement.

An adorable little girl left her parents in stitches when she photobombed their oceanside proposal video while becoming obsessed with the camera.

The unidentified family of three came together on a beach at sunset for a romantic engagement – but the couple’s daughter seemed against the idea, according to a video shared by the “Today” show Tuesday.

As they stand perfectly framed in the shot, the dad asks the youngster, “‘Is it okay if I ask mommy a question?’”

As he turned to his now-fiancee and got down on one knee, she put down the toddler — who made a beeline for the camera with a giant, fascinated smile.

She then moves right up to the camera, reaching out a hand to grab it — with her joyful expression filling most of the shot and blocking her parents’ magical moment.

An adorable little girl crashed her parents' sunset engagement video.
An adorable little girl crashed her parents’ sunset engagement video.

The toddler's antics obscured the otherwise romantic scene.
The toddler’s antics obscured the otherwise romantic scene.

The parents appeared aware of what was happening, laughing good-naturedly as they continued with the proposal – ending with the woman jumping into her beau’s arms and kissing him after saying “yes,” with the girl cutting it off by turning the camera to the sky.

The footage ended with the still-giggled parents retrieving the camera from their daughter’s grasp.


Written by SaleemBaloch

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