Disney on Ice performer Anastasia Olson recovering after horrific fall during ‘Beauty and the Beast’ show

An ice skater who was left in critical condition after she fell mid-performance during a Disney on Ice show in Minnesota was recovering at a Minneapolis hospital on Monday, a report said.

Anastasia Olson, 31, took a spill when another performer dropped her during a mishap while she was portraying Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” at Target Center.

Olson’s condition was updated from critical to serious on Monday, according to the Star Tribune.

Disney on Ice performer Anastasia Olson is recovering at a Minnesota hospital after falling during a “Beauty and the Beast” performance at the Target Center. X / @CrazyFnVideos
According to a mother in attendance, Olson appeared to be “shaky” before falling during a lift. X / @CrazyFnVideos
Olson demonstrating a lift with a partner. DIsney on Ice

More information about her recovery was not immediately available.

One local mom, identified by the station as Beka, said Belle appeared to be “shaky” before she fell during the lift she did alongside an actor portraying the Beast.

“They were doing a lift, she appeared shaky and she fell,” the mother said, adding that the injury took place about 40 minutes into the 11 a.m. show.

“I am beyond grateful and thankful for the remaining staff and the performers who kept going because that preserves the magic for the kids. I know that has to have been very difficult,” she added.

Olson was originally in “critical condition” after the fall, but was later upgraded to “serious” condition. Instagram/stasiaolson
Olson appeared to seize during a video taken from the arena. Instagram/stasiaolson
Olson skating with an actor portraying Beast during a performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” Instagram/stasiaolson
Disney on Ice said in a statement that it “appreciates the well wishes from our fans” during Olson’s recovery. Instagram/stasiaolson

Horrifying video footage of the incident shared on X shows the actor portraying Belle appearing to seize while lying on the ice, as the actor playing Beast hovers above her and medics rush to her side.

Disney on Ice said it “appreciates the well wishes from our fans as our team member recovers.”

Performances at the downtown Minneapolis arena continued as scheduled after the fall.


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