Document dump could reveal how close Bill Clinton was to Epstein

The highly anticipated unsealing of a trove of court documents tied to Jeffrey Epstein could finally reveal the truth behind claims that Bill Clinton walked “into the night with a beautiful woman on each arm” while visiting the late sicko’s “Pedophile Island.”

Alleged onetime Epstein teen “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre, now 40, has claimed that the former president visited Epstein’s Caribbean isle Little St. James — which was notoriously dubbed “Pedophile Island” by locals — some time after Clinton left the Oval Office in 2001.

“Strolling into the darkness with two beautiful girls around either arm, Bill seemed content to retire for the evening,” Giuffre wrote in a manuscript for a memoir cited by the Daily Mail.

At dinner earlier that night, Clinton had sat next to “two lovely girls” who were visiting from New York, Giuffre wrote, claiming that since his wife Hillary wasn’t there, he could let his “provocative cheeky side” come out.

“Teasing the girls on either side of him with playful pokes and brassy comments, there was no modesty between any of them,” Giuffre — formerly Virginia Roberts — claimed in the manuscript.

Court documents expected to be unsealed this week could show the extent of Bill Clinton’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The William J. Clinton President/MEGA

Epstein told Giuffre that Clinton was there because “he owes me a favor,” Giuffre said in a court deposition cited by the outlet.

“He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious,” she said.

Clinton — who was photographed with the sex offender and flew on his private jet on numerous occasions — has adamantly denied visiting the island and has denied any nefarious connection to his onetime pal.

Giuffre has not accused Clinton of any wrongdoing, and he is not expected to be accused of any misconduct in the court papers.

Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre claims that Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s private island and walked off into the night with two beautiful woman on his arms. MEGA

But more details about Giuffre’s claims could be revealed in the slew of court documents, which are expected to begin being unsealed by a judge as soon as Tuesday. The documents are part of a since-settled defamation case by Giuffre against Epstein madame and convicted sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, 62.

The records are expected to unmask the identities of roughly 177 people with ties to the dead financier, including uncovering “John Doe 36” as Clinton, who was reportedly mentioned over 50 times in the case.

Clinton has adamantly denied visiting the Caribbean Island. REUTERS

Giuffre’s lawyers tried to obtain a deposition from Clinton in June 2016 in Giuffre’s suit against Maxwell, according to the court papers expected to be unsealed, the outlet reported.

Sigrid McCawley, Giuffre’s lawyer, said Clinton’s sworn testimony was “important to resolving issues in this case” and would contain “highly relevant trial testimony.”

Maxwell’s lawyers at the time had been attempting to discredit Giuffre by trying to prove Maxwell’s claims that Clinton never visited Epstein’s island. They also claimed that Giuffre simply wanted the former president to sit for a deposition to get more media attention.

Giuffre claims she was sexually abused by Epstein when she was a teen. TNS

“The only purpose for seeking this deposition is for the calculated media strategy that plaintiff and her publicity-seeking attorneys have devised,” Maxwell lawyer Laura Menninger said at the time.

Manhattan federal Judge Robert Sweet denied Giuffre’s bid for the Clinton deposition in June 2016.

Giuffre’s claims that Clinton visited the island were later backed by Clinton former aide Doug Band in a 2020 Vanity Fair article. Band said Clinton visited Little St. James in January 2003 without the aide, according to the Mail.

Disgraced Prince Andrew — who Giuffre claims she was instructed by Maxwell and Epstein to have sex with on several occasions — is likely to be identified in the papers as well. Andrew has denied any wrongdoing.

Giuffre settled a sex assault suit against the royal in 2022 for $12 million.


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