Epstein assistant Sarah Kellen ‘quietly waiting’ for court document dump

Jeffrey Epstein’s former assistant is “quietly waiting” for the other shoe to drop as the court documents exposing more than 170 people with ties to the pedophile’s sex trafficking ring are set to be released Tuesday.

Sarah Kellen, 44 — who allegedly scheduled the “massages” in which Epstein sexually abused his victims — is waiting to see if her name will be a part of the bombshell document dump, but could use her mountain of insider secrets to weasel her way out of trouble, according to a report.

Kellen has reportedly held her cards close to her chest over the last few years in anticipation of such an unveiling that could out her as an integral partner to the perverted operation.

“She had a front-row seat to the debauchery. What she knows would shock the world,” a source close to Kellen and her husband, former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, told The Messenger.

“She has so much to say, to plead her case.”

It is not clear if Kellen will appear as one of the names — known only as John and Jane Does previously — expected to be revealed in the documents after Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska recently ruled they would be unsealed in the new year.

Former President Bill Clinton and disgraced Prince Andrew are expected to be among the highly prominent names featured in the damning unveiling.

Kellen worked for Epstein for several years starting in the early 2000s and has been called a “knowing participant” in his sickening scheme involving underage girls.

But she has largely avoided the public eye after her former boss committed suicide in 2019 and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, was convicted two years later for sex trafficking young girls.

Sarah Kellen worked for Jeffrey Epstein for several years starting in the 2010s, as seen in images included in the lawsuit criminal complaint. MEGA

She and Vickers live in a luxury Miami Beach “fortress” outfitted with private entrances that ensure she can’t be surprised with subpoenas, according to the source.

“They have enjoyed basic anonymity and privacy and freedom for many years,” the insider told the outlet.

“They don’t want any changes. So the pattern for which they live, which by the way is very careful — almost to the point of paranoia, is not without purpose.”

Kellen worked closely with Ghislaine Maxwell, as seen in images included in lawsuit documents. DOJ
Kellen has remained out of the spotlight since Epstein committed suicide in 2019. MEGA

The source said Kellen — who previously claimed she was regularly sexually abused by Epstein — could write a tell-all book detailing all she knows about her boss and Maxwell, but has remained quiet in order to keep the information as a “get out of jail free card.”

“It’s more valuable for her to hold onto the information should she need it to stay free,” the source said. 

Although Kellen has not been charged with a crime, she has already been named in documents filed in a since-settled 2015 defamation lawsuit Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre brought against Maxwell.

Kellen was also repeatedly mentioned at Maxwell’s federal criminal trial in Manhattan, with one victim claiming the assistant arranged “massage” appointments where Epstein would abuse her and take nude photographs of her.

Kellen allegedly scheduled “massages” in which Epstein sexually abused his victims. This image was included in lawsuit court documents. DOJ

During Maxwell’s sentencing in 2022, Judge Alison Nathan pointedly called Kellen a “knowing participant in the criminal conspiracy.”

Kellen did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Several people identified in the documents have already had their association with Epstein or his vile sex-trafficking ring exposed.

Many accusers and alleged victims are expected to be named, along with people who worked for Epstein over the years, were a part of his inner circle, or allegedly participated in his crimes.

The release of the trove of court documents is expected to take place on Jan. 2.


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