Fani Willis accused of paying lawyer less than Nathan Wade

Under fire Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis stands accused of paying one of her special prosecutors $100 less per hour than her less-qualified alleged lover Nathan Wade.

Court records show Wade billing the Fulton District Attorney’s office $250 per hour for his work prosecuting Donald Trump and 18 others on state racekteering charges over 2020 election interference in November and December 2021, despite having no experience in that area of law.

Meanwhile John Floyd — regarded the state’s foremost expert on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) cases — was only billing $150 an hour in those same months, according to a contract obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The revelation comes a day after Willis — accused last week of having a “clandestine” personal relationship with Wade in papers asking for them both to be dismissed from the case — said she treated all three special prosecutors she hired equally.

Speaking at a local church service Sunday, she said: “I appointed three special counsels, as is my right to do, paid them all the same hourly rate.”

Fani Willis (centre) and Nathan Wade (right) have been accused in a court filing of misconduct. Getty Images

The third special prosecutor, Anna Cross, was being paid $250 per hour in 2022, according to the Daily Caller, which also notes agreements made between Fulton County and Floyd after April 2022 may have been at a higher rate, but weren’t immediately available.

Willis went on to accuse her detractors of racism, saying they had singled out Wade as the only the black prosecutor she hired.

Speaking at the Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta on Sunday, she said: “I hired one black man, another superstar, a great friend and a great lawyer … First thing they say: ‘oh, she’s gonna play the race card now.”

“But no God, isn’t it them that’s playing the race card when they only question one?”

Nathan Wade listens as prosecution lawyer Daysha Young puts forward arguments in the case against Donald Trump in Georgia ELIJAH NOUVELAGE/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Michael Roman, the defendant who first alleged Willis and Wade were in a relationship, was quick to fire back.

“The biggest difference between Ms. Cross, Mr. Floyd and Mr. Wade is that Ms. Willis is not in a relationship with Ms. Cross and Mr. Floyd,” he told the Atlanta Constitution-Journal Sunday.

Roman’s filing claimed Wade used money earned from working the case to take Willis on vacations in Napa Valley and the Caribbean.

“Willis and Wade were romantically involved prior to Willis awarding a contract for legal services with Wade,” the filing states, although it offered no evidence to prove it.

In that light, Wade’s past stance on conflicts of interest has raised some eyebrows.

Wade was spotted outside his law offices after the scandal broke but has not yet commented on the matter. Ben Hendren for NY Post

He appeared to take a strong stance when asked at a candidate forum sponsored by the Cobb County NAACP as to when a judge should recuse themselves from a case.

“If there’s an appearance, just a mere appearance of impropriety, and there’s a request for recusal, just do it, because by not doing it, what you’re doing is hurting the county in the long run, you’re costing the taxpayers a lot of money,” Wade said in 2016, according to the Marietta Daily Journal.

Wade was referring to Cobb County Superior Court judge Reuben Green – who he has challenged for his position on multiple occasions – after he was accused of having conflicts of interest which drew ethics complaints.

Wade also alleged at the time then-Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue (R). appointed Green to the bench in 2010 because he was married to one of the governor’s top aides.

Green, a former state and federal prosecutor, has previously denied Wade’s claims.

Judge Scott McAfee, who is presiding over the Georgia election interference case, said in court Friday he expects to hold a hearing about the allegations of Wade and Willis’ relationship in early February.

Trump and Roman have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

The case has not yet been scheduled for trial.


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