Fani Willis subpoenaed in Trump prosecutor’s divorce case — as it emerges he wasn’t even approved by board

Embattled District Attorney Fani Willis has been subpoenaed to testify in the divorce case of the special prosecutor handling the Trump election interference case, who she stands accused of having an “improper relationship” with.

Furthermore, it has emerged the attorney, Nathan Wade, wasn’t even approved by the relevant board before being hired by the Willis who presides over Fulton County in Georgia.

Willis hired Atlanta-based private attorney Nathan Wade as a special prosecutor in the case against Trump and 18 of his associates over their alleged actions following the 2020 election.

Despite Wade having no experience prosecuting a complex Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. case like the one against Trump, he was handed a contract which has so far earned his company more than $650,000 in legal fees from the DA’s office.

The contract started on November 1, 2021, and Wade filed for divorce from his wife of 26-years, Joycelyn Wade, the following day, a case which has yet to be settled.

District Attorney Fani Willis was been subpoenaed to testify in the divorce case of the special prosecutor handling the Trump election interference case. AP

According to a court filing obtained by The Post, Willis was served with a subpoena via her assistant at her downtown Atlanta office on Monday, requiring her to testify in the divorce case between Wade and his estranged wife, whom he shares two adult children with.

The subpoena was served hours before lawyers for Mike Roman, a former Trump campaign official and co-defendant in the election interference case, filed a motion accusing Willis and Wade of an “improper, clandestine personal relationship during the pendency of this case”.

The filing showed no proof of the relationship, but claimed: “Sources close to both the special prosecutor and the District Attorney” confirmed Willis and Wade had an ongoing romantic relationship.

According to a court filing obtained by The Post, Willis was served with a subpoena via her assistant at her downtown Atlanta office. via REUTERS

“In addition, the District Attorney and the Special Prosecutor have been seen in private together (in a personal relationship capacity) in and about the Atlanta area and believed to have co-habited in some form or fashion at a location that neither of them owned,” the filing alleges. 

It further claims the alleged relationship between Willis and Wade resulted in “the special prosecutor, and, in turn, the District Attorney, profiting significantly from this prosecution at the expense of the taxpayers”.

The filing also alleged the pair had traveled to Napa Valley, Florida and the Caribbean and enjoyed cruises with Norweigan and Royal Carribean cruise lines at Wade’s expense.

“Willis has benefited substantially and directly, and continues to benefit, from this litigation because Wade is being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to prosecute this case on her behalf,” the motion states.

“He will continue to be incentivized to prosecute this case based on his personal and financial motives, so he has acquired a unique and personal interest or stake in Mr Roman’s continued prosecution. That is, he is motivated to prosecute Mr Roman for as long as possible because he will continue to make exorbitant sums of money.”

Under Georgia law, the District Attorney is required under to obtain Fulton County’s approval prior to appointing the special prosecutor to work on the case, but failed to do so, according to the motion.

“Undersigned counsel has found no evidence that the District Attorney sought or received such approval to appoint the special prosecutor from Fulton County,” it reads.

“This is not a mere technicality. It is a requirement the Georgia Supreme Court has held must be followed when a special prosecutor is appointed, and, therefore, a prerequisite for any special prosecutor’s work on a case including the instant case.

Willis speaks during an interview in December. AP

“Open records requests to Fulton County reveal that the district attorney did not obtain county approval to appoint the special prosecutor.”

Roman, who served as the Trump re-election campaign’s director of Election Day operations in 2020, argued in the court filing Willis should be disqualified from the case and the charges against him and all other defendants dropped.

Trump and Roman were both hit with racketeering charges in Willis’ case against them and other co-defendants under Georgia’s RICO Act.

In the wake of the former president’s 2020 loss, Roman allegedly joined an effort to put forward slates of pro-Trump “fake electors” to reject President-elect Joe Biden’s victories in key swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada.

He was charged with seven felony counts last August by the Georgia grand jury convened by Willis. 

Wade, his estranged wife, the Fulton County DA’s Office and the White House did not immediately respond to The Post’s requests for comment. 


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