Felon who attacked judge to appear before her again

The Las Vegas felon seen in a wild courtroom video pummeling a judge after launching himself over her bench is scheduled to appear before her again Monday morning.

Deobra Redden, 30, is due to appear again before Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus, 62, to continue his sentencing hearing for an earlier baseball bat attack.

The original hearing was halted last Wednesday when he “supermanned over the judicial bench,” according to a description by Jerry Wiese, the court’s chief judge, of the now-viral attack.

Redden had desperately pleaded for Holthus not to give him prison time for the April baseball bat attack, telling the judge he was “a person who never stops trying to do the right thing no matter how hard it is.”

“I’m not a rebellious person,” he told her. “But if it’s appropriate for you, then you have to do what you have to do.”

Felon Deobra Redden will appear Monday before the judge he attacked last week. Nevada Department of Corrections
It took multiple court and law enforcement officials several minutes to subdue Redden, and two other court officials were also injured. AP

Holthus rejected his request for probation given the three-time felon’s history.

Holthus’ head was slammed against the wall and she was later brought to the hospital but was released a short time later. via REUTERS
Holthus, 62, is set to sentence Redden in connection with a 2023 assault case. Facebook / Re-Elect Mary Kay Holthus

Redden, who was not shackled, was about to be handcuffed when he erupted in expletives, vaulted a defense table, leaped over the judge’s bench and landed on top of Holthus, knocking her off her chair.

The shocking video showed the judge falling back against a wall and an American flag toppling onto her and Redden, as people in the courtroom screamed.

The felon, later described by Holthus as “big, strong and angry,” had to be wrestled off the judge by her clerk, Michael Lasso, and several court and jail officers, some of whom threw punches.

Lasso was treated for cuts on his hands and a marshal was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder and a large gash on his forehead that required 25 stitches.

Holthus’s hair was pulled and her head was slammed against the wall. She suffered some injuries and pain requiring medical attention, but she was back to work the next day.

“She remains sore and stiff but is thankful that this was not more severe,” Wiese later said.

Redden was upset with Holthus, who decided to sentence the felon to jail instead of granting him parole. via REUTERS

Redden later blamed the attack on having a bad day and said he was trying to kill Holthus, according to court documents viewed by KLAS.

“Judge has it out for me,” Redden was quoted as complaining to officers. “Judge is evil.”

Redden was jailed on $54,000 bail in connection with the courtroom fracas but refused to return to court the next day on the new charges. He is now set to face that case Tuesday.

Redden was charged with six brand new felonies and seven misdemeanors stemming from his attack. via REUTERS

He faces a slew of new felony and misdemeanor counts, including extortion, coercion with force and battery on a protected person, referring to the judge and the officers who rushed to her aid.

Redden’s extensive criminal record includes prior convictions for three felonies and nine misdemeanors, most recently in 2021, In 2021, when he served time in prison for domestic battery.

“He’s been violent his entire adult life,” District Attorney Steve Wolfson said.


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