Florida mom irate after murder suspect daughter gets pregnant in jail through ‘unconventional method’

A Florida mother is demanding answers after her daughter became pregnant while incarcerated in a Miami jail, according to a report.

Daisy Link, 28, who is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a murder rap, revealed to her mom Josie Ramos on Christmas Day that she was pregnant, according to NBC Miami.

Link told Ramos that another inmate housed elsewhere in the facility — also facing a murder charge — passed her a semen-filled glove through an air conditioning vent on multiple occasions.

Local 10 reported that Link said she had never met the man, and had only spoken to him through the vent.

He was housed on an upper floor above Link, according to the station.

But Ramos told NBC that she didn’t believe the explanation.

Daisy Link is now three months pregnant. NBC Miami

“I know this did not happen,” Ramos told NBC. “I heard what they said happened which is the A/C vent thing which is ludicrous and ridiculous.”

Link’s attorney said jail officials told him Link became pregnant through an “unconventional method” — but didn’t specify.

The baby’s father has since been removed from the facility.

Prison officials would not specify how she got pregnant. NBC Miami

“The care, safety, and rehabilitation of all those in our custody remains our top priority,” MDCR said in a statement to NBC. “While there is no evidence of sexual battery against our inmate at this time, the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are currently under active investigation.”

Link is now three months pregnant, and Ramos told the station that she’s worried about her welfare while being held in the facility’s mental health unit.

“I want to see if someone in the courthouse can see this and let her out so she can get proper prenatal medical care because you don’t come out of a jail impregnated by anyone while you’re still awaiting a trial,” Ramos said.

Link’s mother, Josie Ramos, is demanding answers in the case. NBC Miami

According to Local 10, the expectant mother fatally shot a man outside her Homestead, Fla. home in June 2022 in a domestic incident.

“I think I hit a major artery,” Link told the unnamed victim who would later die. “You’ll be fine.”


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