Florida mom’s concrete driveway stolen

A single mom who was trying to sell her Florida home is scratching her head over a bizarre theft — after someone stole her concrete driveway right out of the ground.

“I come home, and my driveway is gone,” Amanda Brochu told WFTV of the moment she realized someone had ripped up the concrete driveway of her Orange County home last month, leaving a patch of muddy dirt in its place.

The mystery started soon after she listed the home for sale, the baffled mom said.

Soon, strange contractors started showing up to measure the driveway, Brochu told the outlet, with her son counting five such workers in total.

When she asked the crew what they were up to, they told her a Tampa-area man identified only as “Andre” hired them to price a replacement.

The thief left a muddy dirt strip where the driveway once was. WFTV

The team even provided her text messages purportedly showing Andre asking for the estimate and providing them with Brochu’s address, WFTV noted.

The suspicious client, however, was out of town when the contractor requested an in-person meeting, and cut off communication when asked for proof of ownership, the outlet said.

One week later, Brochu’s doorbell camera captured a bulldozer ripping up the concrete driveway and hauling it away.

The contractors showed Brochu text messages from a man called Andre. WFTV

Brochu told WFTV she was “not at all” prepared for the bizarre theft.

Her real estate agent, Rocki Sanchez, recalled the “utter shock” of learning what had happened.

“I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never had this happen to myself or anyone in our office,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez posted about the missing driveway in a Facebook group for realtors, and believes Brochu is the victim of a strange scam.

Amanda Brochu’s doorbell camera captured a bulldozer taking the concrete away. Amanda Brochu

“I had multiple people come forward saying that they’ve seen things like this happen — whether it be driveways, roofs, painting, even outside the exterior. So it happens more often than we actually see it,” she explained.

Now, Brochu is under pressure to replace the driveway in order to sell the home within two weeks or else she will lose the property she is under contract to buy nearby.

She recently replaced the roof and made another investment, leaving her worried about getting the $10,000 for the project, WFTV said.

Brochu is now struggling to sell her house without a driveway. WFTV

“No one’s gonna buy this. This brings down the property now, and that just messes it up for me and my family,” Brochu lamented.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the driveway theft, did not immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

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