Girls on Epstein’s island were given Victoria’s Secret clothes

Girls who were brought to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” were supplied with swimsuits and nightwear from Victoria’s Secret and forced into a rotation of sexual abuse by the well-connected creep, according to newly unsealed court documents.

Epstein accuser Sarah Ransome detailed in a deposition how the dead financier and his right-hand woman Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly ran a sex-trafficking network, according to the documents released Monday.

“All of the outfits — there were clothes that were provided on the island by Jeffrey Epstein, which were all Victoria’s Secret clothing: bikinis, nightwear,” Ransome said of what she and other girls wore when they were on Epstein’s Little Saint James private isle in the US Virgin Islands.

The girls were forced to alternate pleasing the convicted sex fiend to keep him constantly gratified, Ransome claimed in the deposition.

“We were called on, like, a rotation visit for Jeffrey throughout the day and evening,” she alleged. “I was finished, another girl was called by Ghislaine. And when they had finished, another girl was called.”

“‘Jeffrey wants to see you in his bedroom,’ which meant it’s your turn to be abused. That kind of thing,” she testified.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly provided the girls who came to his private island with Victoria’s Secret clothes, according to newly released court documents. REUTERS

Parts of the deposition were rereleased — this time without redactions — as part of Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre’s since-settled 2015 defamation lawsuit against Maxwell.

Hundreds of documents and thousands of pages have been made public in the years since the case was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2017 — but Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska ordered in December that the records needed to be released without redactions.

The newest and highly anticipated unveiling started on Wednesday — unmasking the identities of people who have been linked to Epstein but were previously shielded in the lawsuit by being named as “Jane Does” and “John Does.”

More than 177 people will have been identified when the document dump concludes later Monday.

Epstein accuser Sarah Ransome provided photographs that were released Monday of girls who visited Epstein’s Caribbean island. SDNY
Ransome claimed that so many girls and young women were brought to Epstein’s island Little Saint James. Shutterstock for NY Post

The Epstein list has included surprise references to notable figures like magician David Copperfield and late pop star Michael Jackson.

But the list has also revealed many names that have long been associated with Epstein, such as disgraced Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton.

Some of Ransome’s more shocking accusations were made in emails sent to then-Post columnist Maureen Callahan, including that Epstein had sex tapes of Clinton, Andrew and Richard Branson.

Those allegations resurfaced Monday. But Ransome has previously retracted those more outlandish claims and never produced the tapes.

The records from Monday also included photos provided by Ransome of girls and young women posing on the Caribbean island in 2006.

Ransome claimed that girls were forced into a rotation of pleasing Epstein sexually. SDNY

In the deposition excerpts, Ransome likened the way Ghislaine ran things to a “brothel.”

Ransome said the girls “reported” to Ghislaine who “called the shots” and was like a “mama bear.”

She also claimed that a “massage” was an innuendo for sex acts, and said the girls would be come irrelevant to Epstein once they stopped performing sexually for him.

“As soon as you stop having sex with Jeffrey and his friends and his girls, you’re out, because otherwise there’s no reason for you to be associated with Jeffrey, because you’re just there to have sex with him,” she claimed.


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