Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s killer ex Nicholas Godejohn calls himself ‘Mr. Smiley’

The killer ex-boyfriend of Gypsy Rose Blanchard — who fatally plunged a knife in her mother — referred to himself as “Mr. Smiley” and refused to mention his famous former gal pal in a bizarre email to The Post on Wednesday — days after her new documentary aired.

“I want people to know that I am not lost in the ether of all of what is going on with whom shall not be named, I am just being patient for my true time to speak :-)” Nicholas Godejohn, 34, wrote from the Potosi Correctional Center in Mineral Point, Missouri. 

Godejohn has been mum since Blanchard was sprung from prison on parole last month for convincing him to kill her mother following years of medical abuse at her hands. 

Nicholas Godejohn refused to mention his former gal pal and referred to himself as “Mr. Smiley” in an email to The Post. Missouri DOC

The pair’s sensational crimes were detailed in the HBO documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest” and the Hulu scripted series “The Act.”

Before the murder, Blanchard’s mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard, forced her to pretend she suffered from leukemia, muscular dystrophy and a slew of other ailments.  

Blanchard met Godejohn in 2012 on a Christian dating site and hid in a bathroom as he fatally knifed her mother, prosecutors said. 

Gypsy Rose Blanchard convinced Nicholas Godejohn to kill her abusive mom

During Godejohn’s trial, Blanchard testified she persuaded him to knife her abusive mother. 

Since her release, Blanchard appeared in a series of high-profile interviews and appeared together on a red carpet with her husband Ryan Anderson, who she met while in prison. 

In a comment on Anderson’s Instagram, she gushed about their sex life. 

“Besides they jealous because you are rocking my world every night,” she said of the “haters” posting rude comments on his social media. 

“Yeah I said it, the D is fire…happy wife happy life.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard married her husband Ryan Anderson while in prison.

Asked by The Post what Godejohn thought of her newfound fame, marital escapades and what life has been like behind bars, he said: “I must be conscientious about my decisions.” 

“A lot of these questions will be answered in a foreseeable interview at the right time, which is not now :-).”

In the email, Godejohn appeared polite and childlike, using smiley faces six times during the 109-word correspondence. 

“Stay positive, healthy and safe, Mr. Vago :-),” he said, referring to a Post reporter at the end of the exchange.

“True sincerity, Nicholas (Mr. Smiley) Godejohn.”

Meanwhile, Blanchard’s new Lifetime documentary “The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard” aired Sunday, where she accused Godejohn of raping her after he killed her mom.  

“Because I didn’t let him rape my mother, I had to agree to let him rape me,” she alleged. 

“After Nick killed my mother, he told me to get in my bedroom and take off all the stuffed animals that was on my bed. I knew that he was going to have sex with me,” she alleged. 

Godejohn remains behind bars on a life sentence for first-degree murder and is not allowed to have any contact with Blanchard. 

Last week, his attorney filed an appeal for a new trial, local outlet KY3 reported. 

“In his last trial, he argued that his mental state did not meet the requirements for first-degree murder,” his public defender Tyler Coyle told the station. 

“The jury should have only found him guilty of second-degree murder.”


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