Hamas teases ‘fate’ of 3 hostages — including Noa Argamani — in eerie propaganda video

Hamas released video Sunday of three Israeli captives – including Nova rave attendee Noa Argamani, who became the face of the hostage crisis after footage showed her being dragged off on a motorcycle.

The video included a disturbing teaser: “Tomorrow we will inform you of their Fate.”

Argamani, 26, and fellow hostages Yossi Sharabi, 53, and Itai Svirsky, 38, were seen for the first time since their kidnapping on Oct. 7 in the video released by the terror group.

It was unclear when the video was filmed.

But as with other hostage videos released by Hamas, the trio are seen introducing themselves and pleading the Israeli government to do whatever they can to ensure their safe return.

They conclude with a message to the Israeli people claiming, “Your Government is Lying.”

The troubling development came after Hamas claimed to have lost contact with “many” of its hostages after Israeli bombardments in Gaza, suggesting they might have been killed.

Noa Argamani, 26, appeared on video for the first time since she was kidnapped by Hamas on Oct. 7
The world watched in horror as Argamani was seen crying out to her boyfriend when she was carried away on a motorcycle by terrorists who attacked the Supernova rave Oct. 7.
Hamas’ latest propaganda videos tell viewers that the fate of Argamani and two other hostages will be revealed Monday.

The video did not elaborate on the condition of the three hostages, who were among the estimated 250 who were kidnapped during the brutal Oct. 7 terrorist attack.

Argamani was featured in one of the first Hamas videos of the attack, with her seen screaming “Don’t kill me!” as she was carried away in the back of a motorcycle.

The sobbing hostage was pictured trying to reach out to her boyfriend, Avinatan Or, who was being manhandled by the terrorists before they took him as well.

Argamani was among the hundreds of festival-goers whose lives were forever changed when Hamas gunmen invaded Israel on Oct. 7.
LIora Argamani has pleaded for the world to help free her daughter and reunite her family before she succumbs to her terminal brain cancer.

The shocking video went viral on social media and quickly became one of the most recognizable scenes from the attack at the Supernova rave that left more than 360 festival attendees dead.

Argamani has drawn international attention after Netanyahu revealed that he reached out to Beijing for assistance on behalf of the hostage’s mother, Liora, who is a Chinese citizen.

Liora, who has terminal brain cancer, has pleaded with Israel and China to help reunite her family before she dies from her disease.

Yossi Sharabi was also seen for the first time since he disappeared Oct. 7.
Sharabi was kidnapped alongside his brother, Eli from their homes in Kibbutz Be’eri. Provided to NY Post

She also sent a heart-wrenching letter to President Biden in December asking for America’s assistance as well, causing CNN anchor John Oz to sob as he read the note on air.

“I am terminally ill with stage 4 brain cancer. All that’s running through my mind before I part ways with my family forever is the chance to hug my daughter, my only child, one last time,” Liora wrote.

Sharabi was kidnapped alongside his brother Eli, 51, when their homes in Kibbutz Be’eri were attacked by Hamas during the Sukkot holiday.

Also featured in the new Hamas propaganda video was Itay Svirsky, 38.

Eli’s wife and two teenage daughters were confirmed to be among the dead in the kibbutz, along with their dog, after their house was set on fire, the Times of Israel reported.

Svirsky of Tel Aviv was also in Be’eri visiting his parents when he was kidnapped by Hamas, with his mother’s and father’s corpses found days later.

More than 130 hostages remain captive in Gaza, with the Jewish state believing that some 25 include the corpses of Israeli citizens that Hamas refuses to hand over.

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