Houston mom shot in head at New Year’s Eve party

A Texas mother was left with a bullet lodged in her head after she was hit by a stray bullet from celebratory gunfire at a New Year’s Eve party, reports said.

Sabina Barajas, 54, had just finished recording a video of her daughter performing a karaoke song at their home in north Houston Sunday night when she felt pain in her head and realized she was bleeding.

Esmerelda De Leon, Barajas’ daughter, told the station KTRK that she realized something was wrong when her brother told others in the house to turn the music off. She then saw her mom pressing her hand to the right side of her head.

“She’s like, ‘Something hit me! something hit me!’” De Leon quoted her mom as saying.

Paramedics called to the house initially thought that Barajas had been struck by a firework fragment.

But a subsequent CT scan of the woman’s head revealed a bullet lodged in her skull.

Sabina Barajas (right), 54, was struck by celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve in Houston. Family Handout
A CT scan shows a bullet lodged in Barajas’ skull. KTRK

Barajas was told by doctors that extracting the projectile could cause an infection.

“I just want to thank God that I’m fine,” the woman said in Spanish while sitting next to her daughter.

Seven people have been arrested across Houston for firing guns into the air over the holiday weekend, the Houston police said.

Barajas had just finished recording this video of her daughter singing karaoke when she felt a pain in her head. KTRK
Barajas (right) still has the bullet lodged in the right side of her head. KTRK
Barajas shows the area on her head where the stray bullet struck her. KTRK

Two of the suspects, 21-year-old Elijah Sosa and 18-year-old Junior Lezama were picked up by cops for shooting into the air near Barajas’ home — but police do not have a bullet to send for ballistic tests because it is still stuck in the victim’s cranium.

So far, Sosa and Lezama have not been officially linked to the woman’s shooting.

But De Leon had a message for whoever was responsible for her mother’s injury.

“I want them to know what they did, and I want them to feel what they’re making us feel,” De Leon said.


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