Hungry husky tries to bust out his kennel friends for a midnight snack run in heartwarming clip

The guy just wanted a late night snack!

A dog who escaped his kennel to grab a late-night snack set off alarms overnight at an Arizona animal shelter in a hilarious moment all caught on video.

And he even tried to get some of his furry shelter friends to join in on the clandestine meal.

Surveillance footage from Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, located 11 miles outside of Phoenix in Tempe, captured a Husky named King swinging open his kennel door.

King then wanders into the office part of the shelter and into the lobby, as the curious husky seemingly scopes the scene for something in particular: a snack.

That’s when King stumbles upon a clear-colored container filled with food on top of a shelf, then strategically hits it to knock down the bin of treats all over the floor.

The Husky broke out of his kennel at an Arizona animal shelter for a late-night snack, setting off alarms in the facility. WCAX 3

“This dog is so smart,”Jodi Polanski, the executive owner of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, said to KPHO about the Nov. 16 incident. “He definitely ruled the place, didn’t he?”

Polanski, who was asleep at home during King’s breakout, said she woke up when the shelter’s security system alerted her phone to broken glass.

“My reaction was just definitely surprised,” she said. “It said a glass broke from inside, and I said, ‘How is that possible?’… It went off like three times, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.”

King wanders into the office part of the shelter and into the lobby before discovering snacks on top of a shelf. WCAX 3

King is not selfish dog, though — as Polanski says he tried to unlock the other kennels his fellow dog friends were were in so they could join the party.

“There are other dogs in the same room as him, and he kept trying to open up their kennels, too,” Polanski said. “He really wanted to party with some friends.”

King, however, proceeded without his buds and helped himself to a snack while alarms went off throughout the shelter.

When King walks into the lobby he discovering snacks that he ends up spills all over the floor. WCAX 3

Polanski quickly called police to rush to the shelter and inspect the scene, while she continued to watch security footage from her house.

Footage shows a police officer arriving at the lobby door when he realizes King was out of his kennel.

When the officer walks in the shelter, an excited King jumps all over him thinking the cop might be there to join the party.

Footage shows the police officer arriving at the lobby door when he notices King. WCAX 3

The officer spoils the fun and walks King back to his kennel.

Soon afterward, footage shows the cop cleaning up the mess King made, and when he finishes the cop appears to sigh in relief before walking out.

Polanski tried to get in contact with the officer, to no avail, assuming the Good Samaritan cop just wanted to do his deed and make sure all was well with the shelter.

The cop is seen cleaning up the mess King made after placing the Husky back in his kennel. WCAX 3

“We’re just calling him Mr. Clean,” Polanski joked.

In even better news, King was soon adopted after the incident happened, WCAX reported.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue is a non-profit pet rescue specializing in a unique temporary care program for families in crisis that need a safe place for their pets while they get back on their fee, the shelter’s FB reads.

Written by SaleemBaloch

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