I’m not safe in Ghana; I want to relocate to America

Social Commentator Albert Nat Hyde known popularly as Bongo Ideas says he is not safe in Ghana and is looking to leave the country.

According to him, even though he wants to leave Ghana desperately for his safety, he will only opt for America.

Bongo Ideas is of the view that America will allow him to grow his craft as a Critic since the country supports free speech.

“Yeah, US bro. Apart from US no other place. I think US supports free speech. I think largely it is a place for growth. America has its issues but largely America is the ideal place not just for me but everyone who wants to share their opinion.”

On whether he has started the process to leave Ghana he said “People are talking about seeking asylum and all that”.

Bongo Ideas was allegedly picked up by uniformed men while he was asleep around 2am at his home in Sowutuom.

The Police and National Security have since denied the claims by the controversial social commentator.

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