Mexican teen allegedly carried sister’s head down the street

A rifle-toting 19-year-old man has reportedly been arrested in Mexico after allegedly being seen walking down a street holding his sister’s decapitated head.

Horrified onlookers called Michoacán State Police after spotting the suspect, identified only as Sebastián, holding his 26-year-old sister Julieta’s head near a clinic in Quiroga on Saturday, local news outlet AM reported.

Officers arrested the apparently intoxicated man without incident and confiscated the rifle he was carrying, according to the report, which cited the state prosecutor’s office.

They found his sister’s naked corpse lying at a gas station several hundred feet away.

Authorities were investigating a possible motive for the gruesome crime.

No information was immediately available about what charges the suspect faces while he is being held by the Michoacán state prosecutor’s office.

A Mexican woman identified as Julieta was allegedly decapitated by her brother. Vocero Veraz / Facebook
The woman’s brother, identified only as Sebastián, was arrested while allegedly carrying the severed head and a rifle. Vocero Veraz / Facebook
The crime scene in the municipality of Quiroga. Vocero Veraz / Facebook

The alleged feminicide was reminiscent of another incident in Mexico in which Lev Norman was arrested for allegedly carrying the head of Lucero Yazmin Hidalgo in a backpack in October 2022.


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