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In today’s article, we are going to talk about Ziggy Krassenberg Parents of American Idol. Recently people have shown their interest in knowing about the parents of Ziggy Krassenberg. Due to this, we have collected for you every clear information related to Ziggy Krassenberg’s parents. So, without any delay, let us proceed with the article and know in depth about Ziggy Krassenberg’s parents.

Ziggy Krassenberg

Ziggy Krassenberg Parent

Ziggy Krassenberg’s parents’ names are Sas Jansen and Michael Krassenberg. While revealing about his parents on the stage of American Idol, he said that his father died last year. However, he did not disclose his father’s death. Describing his mother, he said that his mother was a drug addict and this is the reason why he never saw his mother. The American Idol judge first asked questions about his parents, after which he shared his sad truth with everyone. After knowing about his parents, everyone started feeling sad about him and started wondering how he would have lived his life without his parents. It has not been revealed yet who else is in Ziggy’s family apart from his parents.

Ziggy Krassenberg

Ziggy Krassenberg’s childhood was spent only with his father and he never felt his mother’s love. But still he had the passion to do something for his parents. He had decided that he would definitely do something for his family and he developed his singing talent. He showcased his talent on the American Idol stage and captivated everyone with his voice. He faced many difficulties in his life but even then he did not give up. He had decided that one day he would definitely present himself to the world. His loved ones and acquaintances supported him and inspired him to move forward. After emerging his inner singing talent, he has made people ignore a new upcoming singer.

Ziggy Krassenberg was born in May 2001 and is 22 years old. His profession is Rhythm and blues singer. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands and grew up in Wally. It is said that he belongs to Dutch nationality. However, he has imbibed many values from his father which have been useful in his life. After being a part of American Idol Season 22, his importance and respect has increased in the hearts of people. Before presenting himself on the American Idol show, he used to stay in touch with people through the social media platform Instagram. He used to share his song videos with the audience due to which he has 45k followers on social media.

Ziggy Krassenberg
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Even before American Idol, people liked Ziggy a lot. However, he came to the show to give a right direction to his talent, after which he became even more famous. He touched everyone’s hearts with his songs and his voice. Everyone wants to become the winner of this show but the competition is of very high level. He is known as a music artist as he has released many of his songs which include SUIKERSPIN, CANDYRUSH, Too Much Love Will Kill You, Can’t Stop The Feeling, Cold Water and many more.

With his continuous hard work and his passion for singing, he can become an important member of the music industry. However, he also wants the people of the world to know him as a professional singer. People gave a lot of love to the songs released by him. His singing talent can open the doors of the music industry for him. As a singer, he is making his late father Michael Krassenberg and mother Sas Jansen proud. Don’t forget to follow us for more such news because we will provide you with all the latest news.

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