NYC siblings born on separate Leap Days celebrate rare birthday together for the first time

These kids have grown by leaps and bounds.

A Brooklyn brother and sister who were both born on Leap Day four years apart are celebrating their unique birthday together this year for the first time.

Parents Dane and Lindsay Demchak welcomed their son, Omri, on Feb. 29, 2016.

Little sister Scout was born exactly four years later, on Feb. 29, 2020.

Brooklyn parents Dane and Lindsay Demchak welcomed their son Omri on Leap Day 2016 and daughter Scout on Leap Day 2020. (Kevin C. Downs for The New York Post)
Omri in Coney Island hospital with his little sister Scout on Feb. 29, 2020. (Kevin C. Downs for The New York Post)

This year, Omri and Scout are turning eight and four, respectively – and they are ecstatic to be celebrating their birthday on the actual date.

“This is the first true joint birthday celebration. So this one’s going to be kind of special,” mom Lindsay added.

“This year we’re doing a combined birthday with friends and family coming from near and far. We’re planning on having 50 to 60 people at our coffee shop, City League Coffee Roasters,” she said.

Some people are even flying in for the event, Dane said.

This year will be the first time the siblings will be able to celebrate their birthday together. Kevin C. Downs for The New York Post

Most years, the family celebrates the once-in-a-lifetime coincidence kids on separate days, the parents said.

“We do my [son’s birthday] on Feb. 28, and my daughter’s on March 1,” Dane explained.

“We’ve been having traditional birthday parties before this. You know, a small party after dinner at home with just the immediate family,” Lindsay added.

Omri and Scout now have a little brother since the last Leap Day. Lindsay Demchak

Thursday’s celebration will also cap off a week of festivities for the family – which now also includes a youngest son who was born in March 2023.

“[Lindsay’s] birthday was Monday, and my mother-in-law’s is today,” Dane told The Post.

“It’s kind of been a celebration all week. A lot of cake and candles,” he said.

The family typically splits the birthday celebrations between Feb. 28 and March 1 for the two kids. Lindsay Demchak
The Demchaks are planning on having a large birthday party at their coffee shop City League Coffee Roasters. Lindsay Demchak

The Demchaks’ double Leap Year babies were extra surprising because neither child was due on Leap Day, Lindsay recalled.

“It was truly serendipitous,” she told The Post, noting that neither birth was assisted by medical intervention.

“We always try to make it clear how truly crazy it was!” she explained.

Lindsay told The Post that the kids don’t yet understand what makes their birthday so special. Lindsay Demchak

The four years since Omri marked his fourth birthday by meeting his newborn sister at Coney Island Hospital “went by really, really quick,” Dane admitted. 

As for how they explain the Leap Year concept to Omri and Scout, both parents said it isn’t always the easiest parental conundrum.

“I try to continue to explain to them how special this is but it’s it’s really hard because they’re so young and to be perfectly honest I don’t really understand what Leap Year is really,” Lindsay admitted.

“It’s confusing as an adult to try to understand and comprehend!” Dane agreed. 

“We just tell them that they share a special birthday. They’re special so it’s only fitting,” the proud dad beamed.

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