NY’s notorious anti-Israel activist organized bid to paralyze JFK

Monday’s anti-Israel protest at John F. Kennedy International Airport — where the entrance to the airport was temporarily blocked and the participants likened the IDF and the NYPD to the KKK — is just the latest action designed to hamstring life in New York City while blasting out antisemitic venom.

Most have been organized by the radical group Within Our Lifetime, run by Nerdeen Kiswani and Fatima Mousa Mohammad. 

“Expect us everywhere, at any time, at any day, during holidays and busy seasons — in the streets, airports, and stations,” Mohammed wrote on X Monday. “Until we get justice this city will not rest. and if that bothers you — go cry about it to [President] biden who’s butchering our people.”

While the latest protests are triggered by the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, none of this is new for Kiswani who, during her student days at CUNY Law School, was a key member of Students for Justice in Palestine. 

“Whatever happened at CUNY School of Law involving antisemitism, Nerdeen was involved,” City Council member Inna Vernikov claimed to The Post.

Protesters outside of John F. Kennedy International Airport compared the IDF and NYPD to the KKK. AFP via Getty Images

A call to Kiswani’s attorney was not returned. 

Kiswani, who has spoken of facing racism and discrimination as a Palestinian, gave a controversial commencement speech for the law school in 2022, in which she condemned Israel and spoke negatively about CUNY “normalizing” student and faculty trips to Israel.

“It had nothing to do with graduating the law school,” Vernikov told The Post. “And things have gotten worse.”

Mohammed, meanwhile, followed in Kiswani’s footsteps in May 2023, when she gave CUNY Law School’s commence speech. She described law as a “manifestation of white supremacy.” She called the NYPD and military “fascists.” 

Kiswani reportedly said at a 2021 protest: “I hope that a pop-pop is the last noise that some Zionists hear in their lifetime.”

On Oct. 6 — the day before Hamas launched its shocking attacks on Israel — The Post reported that CUNY Law had quietly eliminated student speakers from 2024’s commencement.

“[Kiswani] was very influential and founded that organization [Students for Justice in Palaestine] and has been at every violent protest since October 7,” Rafaella Gunz, who was a law student alongside Kiswani before transferring to Yeshiva University, told The Post. “In the classroom, she was always bringing up her cause instead of focusing on what we were studying, which would have been law in the US.”

The daughter of Palestinian refugees, Kiswani has said she grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She became co-president of Students for Justice in Palestine at CUNY-Staten Island in 2014. 

During the All Out on Christmas protest, Within Our Lifetime supporters took over the streets near Rockefeller Center. James Keivom

In 2015, she co-founded Within Our Lifetime, which has been responsible for the city-snarling protests since the October 7 terrorist attacks.

In July 2021, Kiswani — who has said that “abolishing Israel is the key to peace” — reportedly told a crowd at an anti-Israel rally that, “I hope that a pop-pop is the last noise that some Zionists hear in their lifetime.”

Later that year, she led some 300 protesters as part of a “Globalize The Intifada” movement, in an attempt to overwhelm the entrance to the Museum of Modern Art.

Fliers such as this one invite pro-Palestine protesters to “flood” various neighborhoods. wolpalestine/Instagram

Speaking over a bullhorn, Kiswani announced: “This is where they wash their money, where they wash their reputation.” 

She singled out Ronald S. Lauder, MOMA’s honorary chairman and the president of the World Jewish Congress.

Things have only gotten more aggressive in recent months. Within Our Lifetime organized a “Flood NYC for Palestine” march on December 26, with some 1,000 protesters overwhelming Lower Manhattan sites including City Hall and Zuccotti Park. 

Fatima Mohammed wrote on her social media that she and fellow members of Within Our Lifetime “will not rest, and if that bothers you — go cry about it to biden.”

Kiswani implored protesters to “take matters into your own hands.”

On Christmas Day, a horde of Within Our Lifetime protesters marched through Manhattan streets. Some carried a blood-red Nativity scene and chanted that “Christmas is canceled.” Six of the anti-Israel marchers were arrested.

In mid-December, the group — which has a webpage providing chants (including “There is only solution! Intifada revolution!”) and suggests protesters can cover their faces so as not to be identified — shut down the Manhattan Bridge.

One month earlier, soon after Manhattan’s News Corp building was highlighted on a map of targets, protesters from Within Our Lifetime occupied the lobby of The Post’s headquarters and chanted, “Free Palestine.”

Within Our Lifetime protesters took over the Brooklyn Bridge and snarled traffic wolpalestine/Instagram

Considering the mayhem in New York City and the role that Within Our Lifetime plays in it all, Vernikov described Kiswani as “a very dangerous person.

“These rallies taking place in New York, causing things to shut down, she is behind them. She said she is proud of Hamas and she loves them.”


Written by SaleemBaloch

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