NYS troopers hunt for brute who shot pet German Shepherd upstate

State troopers in upstate New York are hunting for the heartless brute who shot an animal sanctuary owner’s pet pooch named Kolija, forcing the bloodied pup to limp home in pain.

Police said Thursday that the two-year-old, 80-pound Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix was traipsing around in the woods in Athens, which is about 30 miles south of Albany, when he was shot in the right rear leg on Jan. 1.

The ailing pup was forced to hobble back home to the And-Hof Animal Sanctuary in Catskill where he lives.

Kolija’s owner, And-Hof president Kurt Andermach, rushed the wounded pet to Kingston Animal Hospital, where the dog was treated for the gunshot, a broken pelvis and a fractured femur.

Kolija later underwent surgery at an animal hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, according to police.

“His hind leg is shattered,” Andernach said in a video posted on Facebook. “The femur bone and also the pelvis is shattered and the joint also needs reconstructive surgery.

“He will have a very, very long recovery,” he said.

Kolija, a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix, was shot and wounded upstate on Jan. 1. andhofanimals/Facebook
Kurt Andernach, president of And-Hof Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York, said Kolija’s medical bills from her gunshot wound have already surpassed $14,000, with a long recovery ahead. andhofanimals/Facebook

Andernach said the medical bills have already reached $14,000 and are expected to go higher — prompting the sanctuary to launch a page.

The site had raised $2,510 by Thursday evening.

“Evidence found by the investigation of the DEC and State Troopers, as well as the position and size of the entry and exit wound, strongly suggest that Kolija was shot from the back and at close range — most likely as he was running away,” the sanctuary said in another post on Facebook.

“Since the incident’s exact location has been identified, the ongoing investigation confirmed that the to-date-unidentified shooter was trespassing at the time,” the post said.

Kolija suffered a broken pelvis and a fractured femur when the pup was shot upstate on Jan. 1. andhofanimals/Facebook
Kolija, a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix, was shot and wounded on Jan. 1 upstate. Guardian HEALS/Facebook

Troopers said they returned to the scene of the crime and followed a trail of blood from Andermach’s home to a series of power lines about 600 yards away.

Police also released a heart-tugging photo of Kolija being treated by the vet.


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