Palestinians blame Hamas for war in Gaza while stripped by IDF

Newly released video shows a group of Palestinian men cuffed and stripped by Israeli forces in Gaza while begging to be freed and blaming Hamas for the destruction of their homes.

The footage, aired on Israel’s Channel 12, depicts more than a dozen men handcuffed and stripped down to their underwear surrounded by Israel Defense Forces who have taken northern Gaza, The Times of Israel reported Monday.

One of the men can be heard yelling that his people have lived “under tyranny” for 17 years, appearing to refer to the Hamas election in Gaza in 2006, as he reiterated that he and the other detainees were innocent and waiting for Israel to save them.

“When you arrived, we remained in our homes because we live in peace and love peace!” the man yelled. “If we were guilty of something, we would have left our homes and fled, but we live in our homes in peace!

“I swear to God, we waited for you to free us from tyranny!” he added.

A group of half-naked Palestinians beg for Israel to free Gaza from Hamas’ rule.

He went on to talk about the war’s effect on Gaza’s civilians, stating that their families have gone hungry for too long, with some succumbing to the lack of food and others growing increasingly sick.

“Our wives have started eating scraps. Our children have died in front of our eyes due to hunger,” he said. “There’s no water. I’m sick, and I cannot get any medical care.

“You know what the situation is like in Gaza. Everything has turned upside down on us,” the man added.

The men blame the hunger and destruction in Gaza on the terror group that has governed them since 2006.

When the Israeli soldiers filming the scene asked the Palestinians whose fault it is that Gaza is in such a state, the men yelled back, “Because of Hamas! Because of Hamas!”

“May Allah take revenge on Hamas!” the men shouted.

It was not immediately clear if the men shown in the video were part of the more than 100 people arrested in northern Gaza last month who were featured in similar videos and photos of the IDF’s advancements in the area.

Israel has garnered backlash over other video of Gazans being handcuffed and stripped to their underwear. 1717Bazz/X
Footage of naked Gazans has prompted some international outrage. 1717Bazz/X

The Israeli military said it would change the way it detains Palestinians captured in Gaza after backlash from December’s mass arrests that showed dozens of half-naked civilians among captured Hamas operatives.

The IDF has yet to comment on the new video, which was allegedly leaked to Channel 12 by a military source.


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