Pediatric nurse reveals most ridiculous things men say in the delivery room

Giving birth truly is an experience like no other.

After going through the experience myself last year, I was left in total amazement at what my body (and mind!) went through and have an even deeper appreciation for women than I thought possible.

After nearly 15 hours of labor (with close to three of those pushing), when my little one was born, I was equally mind blown and bloody exhausted.

While I had the amazing support of my husband, three incredible midwives and an encouraging OB, many women unfortunately aren’t so lucky.

You’re joking, right?

Pediatric nurse Anna Pascarella spilled the beans on jaw-dropping comments she’s heard fathers make in the delivery room, that if I heard while giving birth, I’d be signing divorce papers along with the birth certificate.

From requests for an antiquated “husband stitch” — a controversial extra stitch during vaginal repair post-childbirth — to snide comments about the post-birth appearance of their partner’s body, Pascarella shared a glimpse into the often surprising and disconcerting mindset of some fathers.

In a TikTok video, Pascarella took on the role of these unsuspecting fathers, mimicking their astonishing remarks verbatim. 

A pediatric nurse posted a TikTok outlining the most absurd things she’s heard from men in delivery rooms. TikTok / @Anna.the.Nurse

“Does it really hurt that bad?” queried one, while another callously insisted, “No, no, no, she doesn’t need anything for the pain.”

Financial concerns also took center stage, with some fathers balking at the cost of pre-labor painkillers. 

In one jaw-dropping instance, a husband refused to foot an $8,000 ($5,300 USD) hospital bill, deeming his wife’s choice of an epidural as a “luxury.”

Comments range from being rude to absolutely insane. TikTok / @Anna.the.Nurse

“When do you think she’ll have the baby? Because I’m really hungry and need to go grab some food,” questioned on dad-to-be.

“Why is it taking so long?” complained another.

One dad felt the need to share the pain he was experiencing, “My back hurts so much from sleeping on that chair.”

One father-to-be insisted on answering his phone while his wife was in labor. TikTok / @Anna.the.Nurse

There were complaints of women being too “loud” or not giving it their all, with one asking,  “Are you really trying your hardest?” while his wife was pushing and vomiting.

And one dad couldn’t let this call go to voicemail, telling his baby Momma, “I can’t hold your hand right now, I need to take this call. I’ll be right back.”

You gotta go!

If I were one of the women in one of these scenarios, p*ssed off wouldn’t even describe half of what I was feeling. 

And if I was working in this environment, I may accidentally drop something very heavy on these dads’ feet when they weren’t looking!


Written by SaleemBaloch

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