Prince Andrew vows he won’t be forced out of royal mansion after new Epstein claims

Prince Andrew will reject any efforts to get him evicted from his royal mansion in the aftermath of the Jeffrey Epstein document dump, in which his name featured prominently, according to a new report.

The disgraced Duke of York has reportedly vowed to fight any attempt by his brother, King Charles III, to force him out of the 30-room Royal Lodge in Windsor, which he currently shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The 63-year-old royal and his ex-wife are not “going nowhere,” a source close to Andrew said in an interview with The Mirror.

“The King can’t force him out. He has a cast iron lease that he has absolutely every intention of honoring,” the source said, referring to the 75-year lease Andrew signed on the Windsor Castle property in 2003.

Other allies of Andrew’s said he was adamant he would not be moving, even after Charles reportedly offered him Harry and Meghan’s former home, the nearby four-bedroom Frogmore Cottage.

Prince Andrew will reject any efforts to get him evicted from his royal mansion, which he has a “cast iron lease” on. REX

The king has mulled moving his scandal-scarred younger brother to a smaller home and cutting off his funding for security at the estate over his name appearing in a trove of recently-unsealed documents tied to Epstein, according to multiple reports.

Andrew’s name was among several dozen to appear in the court documents filed in a since-settled defamation lawsuit that Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre brought against the late pedophile’s madam, Ghislane Maxwell, in 2015.

The Duke of York has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. News Licensing / MEGA

The Duke of York, who has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, has also been accused of sexually abusing Giuffre when she was 17.

According to the documents and Epstein’s former butler, Andrew enjoyed “daily massages” during frequent stays at Epstein’s Florida mansion.

Andrew has reportedly also raked up a massive repair bill on the mansion. vmodica

Juan Alessi, Epstein’s butler from 1991 to 2002, said that “Prince Andrew spent weeks with us” in the main guest bedroom, known as the “blue room,” according to the documents.

In response to the latest claims, the Metropolitan Police said “no investigation has been launched. Should new and relevant information be brought to our attention we will assess it.”

Sources close to the royal told the Mirror that he has spent over 7.5 million pounds, or around $9.5 million, renovating the sprawling estate — and that he still owes more than $2 million in repairs.


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