Prince Andrew would have won sexual abuse trial, lawyer says

Prince Andrew made a “terrible mistake” by reaching a multimillion-dollar settlement with his sex accuser in a case he could have easily won at trial, a former lawyer for late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein claimed Tuesday.

Alan Dershowitz speculated that it was Andrew’s late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who had discouraged him from pursuing the case against his longtime accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. 

“I think [Andrew] made a terrible mistake. I suspect he was pressured by his mother to make that mistake,” Dershowitz told Times Radio Tuesday.

“If he had fought that case, I believe he would have won,” said the one-time Harvard Law professor, whom Giuffre also previously accused of having sex with her before saying she “may have made a mistake.”

“I believe the case would have been dismissed on a variety of grounds, but he didn’t want to sit through a deposition, or people around him didn’t want him to sit through a deposition and so he settled the case.”

Dershowitz, 85, pointed out that “often you settle cases, no because you’re guilty of what you’re charged, but because you don’t want to admit other things that you’ve done.”

The well-known attorney had represented Epstein since 2008 and was instrumental in brokering a “non-prosecution agreement” on underage sex charges that year. It led to a controversial sweetheart deal in which Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to state charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution.

Prince Andrew could have won the civil case against his accuser at trial, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer claimed. Getty Images
Alan Dershowitz said Andrew made a “terrible mistake” by paying Virginia Roberts Giuffre a $12 million settlement. Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

Dershowitz’s name appeared more than 130 times in the batch of court records that began to be released last week.

Giuffre had once accused Dershowitz of having sex with her when she was still a minor. But in November she agreed to drop a defamation lawsuit against him, admitting that she “may have made a mistake” in naming him as one of the public figures with whom she was forced to have sex.

“The reason I was ready to fight was because I led a completely clean life,” Dershowitz said in his Times Radio interview Tuesday. “Ask me anything you want about my sex life and the answer will always be the same: my wife, my wife, my wife.”

Giuffre also claimed in a civil lawsuit that she was ordered to have sex with Andrew three separate times, starting when she was 17, after she had been recruited by Epstein and his Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Duke of York reportedly wanted to have his day in court, but ultimately he was pressured into paying Giuffre an estimated $12 million settlement in February 2022 to put the scandal to bed — with some of the cash purportedly coming from the Queen’s own coffers, reported The Telegraph.

Giuffre, pictured with Andrew’s hand around her waist, claimed she was made to have sex with the royal three times. DOJ

Dershowitz said in the interview that he feels “sorry” for the prince, saying that his accuser may have been “over the age of consent” and not a minor.

“She apparently bragged about it to her friends, and she collected millions and millions of dollars for that,” Dershowitz said. “Yeah, I feel sorry for him.”

Carolyn Andriano, another Epstein accuser, testified at Maxwell’s trial that in 2001, Giuffre texted her from London, saying “You’ll never guess who I’m with…” and later showed her a photo of Andrew with his arm wrapped around her waist.

Epstein died by suicide in jail in 2019 while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell is serving a 20-year sentence on sex trafficking and conspiracy convictions.

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