Queens dad dies after suffering head injury in e-scooter crash on way to pick up daughter

A 31-year-old Queens man died 11 days after he crashed his stand-up scooter and suffered head injuries while on his way to pick up his young daughter, according to reports.

​Police responded to a call of an injured man on the Queens Boulevard service road near 73rd Street in Maspeth about 4:30 p.m. Dec. 19 and found Derrick Cristobal conscious and alert, the Queens Post reported.

The Elmhurst man had been riding an e-scooter eastbound when he lost control, fell to the pavement and struck his head, according to the outlet, which reported that police could not say whether he was wearing a helmet.

Cristobal was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition — but took a turn for the worse and died Dec. 30 after being taken off life support, according to the Daily News.

Derrick Cristobal , a 31-year-old Elmhurst dad, died 11 days after suffering a head injury in an e-scooter accident on his way to pick up his daughter. Facebook

The dad, who worked at Target, was on his way to pick up his daughter, Elizabeth, when the accident happened, his brother Arrizon Cristobal, 26, told the news outlet.

“When my sister got to the hospital, he was yawning, sleeping. He didn’t remember my sister and he wasn’t talking, but you could tell he doesn’t recognize anyone,” Arrizon told the Daily News.

Cristobal’s longtime partner, Vanessa Balondo, 31, said she noticed that his consciousness declined over the following days.

Cristobal died after being on life support at Elmhurst Hospital. Facebook

“Even the hospital isn’t sure what happened to him. We are just hoping we can find closure on what happened to him,” she told the outlet.

After nine days, doctors presented the family with an agonizing choice.

“They gave us an option of a surgery … they were going to take out half of his skull to release the pressure but when they do that, there’s a possibility of him dying and if it is successful, there is a 100% chance that he will not be the same person anymore,” Arrizon told the News.

“He would live the rest of his life with a tube in his throat or mouth for air and tube in his stomach for food,” he said, adding that his brother would have required around-the-clock care.

“We made a decision based on what he would want and what his wife would want,” Arrizon said. “Everything kind of happened fast … it’s difficult, yes, but there were moments where it felt like it was him saying goodbye in a way.”​

Cristobel met Vanessa Balondo, 31, in the Philippines. GoFundMe

Balondo said Cristobal was riding a VSett 9+ scooter, which he got about two years ago.

“We are just hoping we can find closure on what happened to him,” she told the outlet. “It’s not giving us peace of mind because it’s, like, why did he have such a bad brain injury even though there wasn’t a collision?”

The couple, who had a daughter together, met in the Philippines. After a long-distance relationship, Cristobal moved to the Big Apple to be with her, according to the report.

“Derrick and I were high school lovers, he was my first boyfriend. Derrick is just a typical guy, but his love is genuine,” she said.

“Because of him I know that true love exists, especially the love he gave to Elizabeth,” Balondo said. “It’s very unconditional because every day, he gives his best.”

Derrick Cristobal GoFundMe

She said they hoped to have another child.

“Every time Derrick sees Elizabeth playing by herself, he would want her to have another sibling to play with,” Balondo told the News. “It’s really hard. I don’t know how to start again without him.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the grieving family.

“Derick has always been a cheerful and loving person. He was known to be a good son, loving brother, a great friend, fun-loving uncle to his nephews, hardworking employee and most of all a supportive husband, and dedicated best father to his 2 year old daughter,” the account states.

“May we always remember him with a smile on our faces, as he surely would have wanted,” it adds.


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