Ruby Garcia’s sister says Trump lied about reaching out to murder victim’s family: ‘Shocking’

The sister of Ruby Garcia, a 25-year-old Michigan resident allegedly murdered by her illegal immigrant lover, has claimed former President Donald Trump lied when he said during a campaign event that he had spoken to the bereaved family.

Mavi Garcia said she and her relatives watched in disbelief as Trump, 77, made the claim during a campaign event in Grand Rapids.

“He did not speak with any of us, so it was kind of shocking seeing that he had said that he had spoke with us, and misinforming people on live TV,” Garcia told local news outlet WOOD-TV.

Ruby Garcia, 25, was found on the side of a highway in Michigan on March 22. Gofundme

“It was shocking. I kind of stopped watching it. I’d only seen up to that, after I heard a couple of misinformations he said, I just stopped watching it.”

The Trump campaign declined to comment on the record when contacted by The Post.

Ruby Garcia’s body was found March 22 on the side of US-131 with several bullet wounds. Her purported love interest, 25-year-old Brandon Ortiz-Vite, later admitted to shooting Garcia after an argument, dumping her remains, and driving away.

Ortiz-Vite had been deported in 2020 under the Trump administration, but found his way back into the US and was hit with an onslaught of charges after being arrested for Ruby Garcia’s death.

Mavi Garcia claims Trump did not reach out to any of her family members about Ruby. WOOD-TV

Trump had highlighted Garcia’s death in his Michigan speech, saying he had spoken to “some” of her family.

“Now Ruby’s loved ones and community are left grieving for this incredible young woman, remembering what they called her,” the former president said. “They said she had just this most contagious laughter, and when she walked into a room, she lit up that room. And I’ve heard that from so many people. I spoke to some of her family.”

Trump had told a Detroit radio host during a Monday interview that he would “love” to see Ruby’s family at his rally “if they’d like to be there,” but they did not attend the event.

Trump spoke about Ruby Garcia on stage at his Michigan rally on Tuesday. REUTERS

Mavi Garcia told WOOD-TV she wished Ortiz-Vite had “stayed in Mexico,” but also criticized Trump for making the case about migration.

“It’s always been about illegal immigrants,” she said. “Nobody really speaks about when Americans do heinous crimes, and it’s kind of shocking why he would just bring up illegals. What about Americans who do heinous crimes like that?”

Brandon Ortiz-Vite, pictured, had been deported in 2020. Kent County

The former president has leaned into recent high-profile killings committed by illegal migrants, calling it “Biden’s border bloodbath.”

“Under the Trump administration, this monster had been deported, thrown out of the country,” Trump said of Ortiz-Vite. “He wasn’t going to be able to come back, [because] you just have to look at the charts, it was very, very hard to get in, but he came back — and we threw him out of the country and crooked Joe Biden took him back.”

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