Sabrina Carpenter Net Worth 2024

From Disney darling to pop songstress, Sabrina Carpenter has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry.

At just 24, she’s already a triple threat: an actress who charmed audiences in “Girl Meets World,” a singer with chart-topping hits like “Skin” and “We Are,” and a songwriter pouring her heart into vulnerable lyrics.

Carpenter’s journey began on YouTube, belting out covers with a voice that belied her young age. Her talent caught the eye of Disney, landing her the role of Maya Hart, the sassy best friend in “Girl Meets World.”

The show became a springboard for her musical aspirations, leading to her debut album “Eyes Wide Open” in 2014.

But Carpenter craved more artistic freedom. She parted ways with Disney and released the critically acclaimed “Singular: Act I” in 2018, showcasing her growth as a songwriter and embracing a more mature sound.

Sabrina Carpenter Net Worth
Sabrina Carpenter Net Worth

Sabrina Carpenter Net Worth

Sabrina Carpenter is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million as of 2024.

Sabrina Carpenter has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry, accumulating wealth through various avenues.

Here’s a breakdown of her key sources of income:


Disney Beginnings: Her breakout role as Maya Hart in “Girl Meets World” kickstarted her career, followed by films like “The Hate U Give” and “Work It.”

These projects brought her recognition and likely substantial acting fees.
Television & Film: Carpenter has appeared in various television shows like “Austin & Ally” and “Orange is the New Black,” expanding her acting portfolio and likely earning her further income.

Voice Acting:

She’s lent her voice to animated series like “Sofia the First” and “Milo Murphy’s Law,” adding another income stream.

Record Deals & Album Sales: Signed with Hollywood Records, Carpenter has released several albums, including chart-topping hits like “EVIL” and “Skin.” Album sales, streams, and digital downloads contribute significantly to her wealth.

Songwriting & Production: She often co-writes and co-produces her music, earning additional royalties and publishing income.

Live Performances & Tours: Selling out venues across the globe, her concerts are a major revenue source.

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