Sen. Ted Cruz says he misses President Obama thanks to Biden’s immigration policies

Sen. Ted Cruz said he misses President Barack Obama — something he said he thought would never happen — as the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border overwhelms states like Texas.

“Joe Biden has made me do something I never thought I would do, which is miss Barack Obama,” the Texas Republican said in an interview with John Catsimatidis on Tuesday’s Cats & Cosby Show.

“Look, I disagreed with Obama on a lot of policies but on immigration, by and large, Obama followed the law,” Cruz explained. “What Joe Biden has done is what no president of either party has ever done. He utterly ignores the law.”

Catsimatidis asked the senator if President Biden had violated his oath to secure the US borders — to which Cruz replied: “Absolutely.”

Barack Obama stands at a podium with flags of different countries behind him.
“Joe Biden has made me do something I never thought I would do, which is miss Barack Obama,” Cruz said in a radio interview Tuesday. Getty Images

Cruz said the only way the crisis at the border would improve is “to get a new president who will actually enforce the law.”

“The scope of the crisis at the border, it really does defy words until you see it firsthand,” he added. “As bad as you think it is, I promise you, it is worse.”

More than 10,000 people a day illegally cross the southern border into the US a day, according to Cruz. That’s 9.6 million people under Biden in total.

Sen Ted Cruz on an escalator
Cruz said the crisis at the border is the worst it’s ever been under Biden.

The Lone Star State senator claims groups of undocumented migrants are turning themselves in to border control because “the Biden administration asks them ‘where do you want to go?’” and then sends them to that city or state.

Cruz then mentioned how NYC Mayor Eric Adams has called the flood of migrants to the city a crisis that is destroying the Big Apple.

“That is with 110,000 illegal immigrants,” he said. “So I agree, New York is paying a real price for the Biden open border but if 110,000 is destroying New York City, what the hell do you think 9.6 million is doing to Texas and the rest of the southern border?”


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