Social media mocks Biden being led offstage by first lady

Users of X, formerly Twitter, mocked President Biden after seeing a clip of first lady Jill Biden leading him offstage after his January 6 anniversary remarks.

Multiple users expressed amusement that the White House staff appeared to be allowing Biden’s wife to rush up and lead the president away from the podium before he could make any awkward hesitations or walk to the wrong end of the stage in confusion.

RNC Research’s X account shared footage from the end of Biden’s speech near Valley Forge in Pennsylvania on Friday, during which he once again blasted former President Trump and his supporters as a threat to democracy.

The clip depicted the first lady going up on the stage as soon as Biden’s speech ended, grabbing his hand and leading him to the back of the stage where they both disappeared behind the American flags that were on display.

The account captioned it, saying: “Jill, Ed.D., escorts Biden off the stage following his remarks.”

RNC Research’s Jake Schneider observed: “She’s walking him off the stage like a child.” associate editor Karen Townsend wrote: “Someone had to do it.” 

The official account expressed relief at the sight, stating: “Thank goodness that Jill Biden is there to lead Joe off stage.”

And while sharing its report on the scene, The Daily Mail US account added: “Jill Biden rushed to embrace zoned-out Biden after he finished speech, then went into trance-like state on-stage.”

Joe Biden and Jill Biden exit the stage
Jill Biden led Joe Biden off the stage on Friday night. AFP via Getty Images

Jill Biden leads Joe Biden off the stage
Social media mocked the President for having his wife lead him off the stage. AFP via Getty Images

Reporter Simon Ateba wrote on X: “BREAKING – NEW ARRANGEMENT: First Lady @DrBiden now escorts President @JoeBiden off the stage after his remarks in PA. President Biden has been struggling to find his way off the stage during previous remarks. The problem has now been solved. WATCH.”

Biden was also accused of looking confused later that day after landing in Delaware to spend the weekend with his family. RNC Research shared a clip of the incident with Biden appearing to look around perplexed for several moments after leaving his presidential helicopter. 

The account captioned the clip: “After two weeks of vacation and a 32-minute speech, Biden is back in Delaware for a weekend respite. He was VERY confused upon landing.”


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