Syracuse mom bursts into classroom to attack daughter’s teacher

A Syracuse mom burst into her daughter’s classroom and repeatedly punched her teacher in the face, breaking several bones as at least 25 horrified children looked on, according to police.

“These are injuries you don’t often see in a boxing match,” Onondaga District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said at a Tuesday press conference about the incident.

Lynzina Sutton, 31, arrived at Lincoln Middle School Friday with her mother, Roxanne Thompkins, and both women attempted to make their way past security.

The day prior, Sutton’s daughter told her teacher, “My mom will handle this” after she was disciplined for allegedly lying about her whereabouts during the school day.

The fearful staffer filed an official complaint with the school that afternoon.

While Thompkins was prevented from entering the next morning, the 4 foot 10 inch Sutton had her hood pulled over her head and was able to blend in with other kids, according to

Roxanne Thompkins
Sutton’s mother, Roxanne Thompkins, was turned away from the school while her daughter was able to enter. CNY Central

Sutton then headed to her daughter’s classroom and proceeded to repeatedly punch the female teacher in the face as traumatized students looked on.

The victim, described as a “dedicated” veteran educator, suffered a concussion and several broken bones in her face, officials said.

“She’s going to have some long-term issues,” Fitzpatrick said. “I know her nasal passages were severely affected by this.”

Sutton managed to leave the school after the beating but was later arrested and charged with burglary and assault.

The shocking incident spurred Syracuse City School District’s Superintendent Anthony Davis, Fitzpatrick, and Syracuse Police Chief Joe Cecile to hold a joint press conference Tuesday.

“When people are dedicating their lives to educating our students they shouldn’t have to worry about this,” Davis said.

Lincoln Middle School Syracuse
The veteran teacher suffered several broken bones in her face. Google Maps

Thompkins, Sutton’s mother, said they were angry with the school because Sutton’s daughter was a victim of repeated bullying that went unaddressed.

“She’s been slapped, she’s been kicked, they’ve broken her glasses three times, they’ve broken cellphones twice, and all we get [from the school] is, ‘Well what is she doing?’ They made her out to be the problem,” Thompkins told CNYCentral.

Thompkins said she felt bad for the injured teacher.

“That was never supposed to be that way,” she told the outlet. “I apologize for that, and I hope she recovers. There’s always a better way to handle stuff and we were going to talk at the school to have a conversation, with the school, like we have numerous times.”

The Onondaga DA’s office told The Post Wednesday that Sutton was released on bond and will appear in court at a later date.

The teacher has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

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