Taco Bell customer caught on video slapping employee after microwave mishap

Taco-bout an irate customer.

An unidentified man stormed into a Taco Bell on Long Island with a giant chip on his shoulder after he apparently blew up his microwave by heating up his order with an aluminum-lined container, ABC 6 reported.

A TikTok video shows the hotheaded customer taking out his frustration on a hapless employee behind the counter as he threatens to sue the eatery for the destroyed appliance.

When the worker asks him if he’d like a new order, the older man waves at him in anger and yells that he wants more food.

“You’re done, you’re f—–g done,” the customer bellows. “Plus you guys are gonna pay for my f—–g microwave! It blew up!”

He then accused the worker of smiling at him and slaps him across the face.

A Taco Bell customer on Long Island confront an employee after blowing up his own microwave by heating the food in a container with aluminum. @thecringefringe / Tiktok
The man slaps the employee after accusing him of smiling. @thecringefringe / Tiktok

“What the f–k? What’s going on with you, bro?” the employee shouts back as the incident turns violent

A woman behind the counter then steps forward and says she’s the manager before the video ends.

The original TikTok video — posted by user “thecringefringe” on Saturday – has apparently been removed, but the footage was posted by another account.

It was unclear if the unhinged man was charged. @thecringefringe / Tiktok

“Sir learn how a microwave works. You can pay for your own microwave and pay for this lawyer when I sue. I hope the employee got his ass for assault,” one user wrote in the comments.

“I would have taught him customer service,” another person wrote.

A follow-up video shows police officers speaking to the unhinged man.

It was unclear where the Taco Bell is located and whether the man was slapped with any charges.


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