Texas man Roderick Jackson says Walmart mistook him as shoplifter, demands $100 million in damages

A Texas man is suing Walmart for the second time in three years and is seeking $100 million in damages or free unlimited shopping at any of its stores for life.

Roderick Jackson, of Waskom, Texas, filed two handwritten complaints claiming he was suing Walmart for an incident that took place at a store in Omaha, Nebraska, in March 2021.

Jackson’s first complaint was filed back in 2021, claiming the exact same scenario and incident as his recent complaint. 

In his complaint that Walmart shared with Fox News Digital, Jackson states he is “sewing [sic] for Civil Rights violations based on race/color.” 

Neither of the complaints went into detail about why Jackson is suing Walmart but claim it involved “false pretense of shoplifting.” 

The man says he’s suing Walmart after being falsely accused of shoplifting and is seeking $100 million in damage. Google St View

In addition to the money and shopping spree, Jackson is also asking for Walmart to pay all court fees associated with the lawsuit.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Mr. Jackson’s allegations are almost identical to a lawsuit he filed against our company in 2021 that was dismissed. We intend to defend the company against the allegations once we have been properly served and will quickly ask the court to dismiss any claim that are without merit,” a Walmart spokesperson told Fox News Digital. 

Roderick Jackson’s filed complaints didn’t go into detail about why he was suing Walmart, though the Texas man sites it involved a “false pretense of shoplifting.” 

In the 2021 complaint, Jackson sued Walmart over the exact same alleged incident, claiming that he was racially profiled and falsely accused of a crime which led to him being arrested.  

According to the complaint, Jackson suffered “emotional stress and pain from the handcuffs.”

Jackson initially requested $100 million and “a huge credit for future shopping,” but later changed the complaint to ask for $175 million in damages.

Roderick Jackson’s first complaint was filed back in 2021, claiming the exact same scenario and incident as his recent complaint. 

The case was dismissed that year because he failed to properly serve Walmart and his claims had no merit, according to the retail company. 

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