Tourists flock to Epstein’s former NYC townhouse for selfies

Tourists have been flocking to the Manhattan townhouse formerly owned by Jeffrey Epstein, where neighbors said the new buyers are battling vandals with a predilection for smearing blood and excrement across the building’s gilded façade.

Three groups of people were seen taking selfies outside the house on East 71st Street during a random visit by The Post on Wednesday afternoon, mere hours before potentially explosive court documents containing the identities of more than 170 of the late pedophile’s associates began to be made public.

All photo-takers acknowledged they’d stopped by the tony digs expressly because of its connection to Epstein.

One visitor in his 30s from the United Kingdom said he was “doing tourist stuff on holiday” while in the Big Apple.

The other groups, which included a family with kids and a young couple, declined to comment.

After Epstein’s 2019 arrest for sex trafficking and ensuing jail suicide, the lavish home where he once preyed on underage women and entertained some of the world’s most powerful men languished on the market with an $88 million price tag.

Tourists have been flocking to Epstein’s former Manhattan townhouse to take photos. Robert Miller
The house is on East 71st Street on the Upper East Side. Robert Miller

It was finally snatched up in the spring of 2021 by former Goldman Sachs executive Michael Daffey, who shelled out $51 million — a steal for one of the largest homes in Manhattan.

Daffey undertook a “complete makeover, physically and spiritually” of the house’s interior, sources said at the time, but the extensive work has apparently failed to erase the city’s memories of what went down on the block.

“Recently, they had to cover the front doors with plywood. People were throwing s–t on the front doors. And coming and painting with blood. Three times the s–t. Two times the blood,” a neighbor told The Post Wednesday.

“They had to cover the doors with plywood, then it stopped. I don’t know if it was dog s–t or human s–t but it was terrible. They’re coming up and writing things on the doors with blood. All sorts of crazy things.”

The list of Epstein’s former associates is beginning to be made public. AP
Goldman Sachs trader Michael Daffey now owns the townhouse. via REUTERS

The neighbor recalled seeing Epstein regularly when he lived on the street, adding that “he wasn’t that friendly” even though the perv sometimes stopped to talk.

Epstein’s old home could see an uptick in visitors in the coming weeks, as a trove of new court documents released Wednesday evening is expected to reveal the names of more than 170 people who were associated with, conspired with, or were preyed on by Epstein.


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