Trump dined at Epstein’s Florida mansion, victim tried to depose Bill Clinton: docs

Former President Donald Trump visited Jeffrey Epstein’s home for dinner — and one of the dead pedophile’s victims demanded “key person” Bill Clinton be deposed by prosecutors, documents unsealed on Friday revealed.

Butler Juan Alessi told attorneys that he had dinner with Trump at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion and met Clinton on the financier’s plane.

“Now, Mr. Trump had a home in Palm Beach, correct?” the lawyer asked Alessi, who confirmed the former commander in chief did, according to the deposition. Alessi worked as Epsein’s Florida housekeeper from 1991 to 2002.

Alessi said Trump would never stay overnight — and never got a massage from one of Epstein’s girls, many of whom were underage — but would sometimes stop in for a meal.

“He would come, have dinner. He never sat at the table. He eat with me in the kitchen,” the butler said.

“Did he ever have massages while he was there?” the attorney asked.

Former President Donald Trump visited Epstein’s Florida mansion for dinner, according to Epstein’s butler. Getty Images

“No,” Alessi responded. “Because he’s got his own spa.”

Trump has not been accused of any crimes or wrongdoing with regard to Epstein, who was later convicted of having sex with an underage girl in 2007 and then re-arrested for sex trafficking shortly before his death in prison in 2019.

This week’s highly anticipated document dump stems from a since-settled 2015 defamation case that accuser Virginia Giuffre brought against Epstein madam and now-convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, 61.

Thursday’s unsealed documents, the third trove to go public, also revealed how Giuffre tried to subpoena Clinton in her suit against Maxwell — but a judge denied deposing him calling him “not relevant” to the case.

A judge denied Virginia Giuffe’s request that Bill Clinton be deposed in her defamation case against Maxwell. The William J. Clinton President / MEGA

Clinton — who has admitted to flying on Epstein’s jet to Africa, Europe and Asia, but insists he had no knowledge of the pervert’s twisted sex crimes — was described as “a key person” in the case who had a “close relationship” with Epstein and Maxwell, according to documents. 

He is not accused of any wrongdoing, but Giuffre’s attorneys argued the 77-year-old former president was a crucial witness whose testimony could be integral to their case.

Former Southern District of New York Judge Robert Sweet denied Giuffe’s petition in 2016 calling Clinton’s testimony irrelevant, documents showed 

“The relevance of the testimony of Mr. Reiter and President Clinton have not been adequately established. The motion as to these two depositions is denied,” Judge Sweet wrote in his decision, also mentioning former Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter.

Giuffre’s lawyers asked for Clinton to be deposed along with Reiter and Alessi, but only Alessi was approved.

In documents released earlier in the week, Johanna Sjoberg, another woman who claimed she was sexually abused by Epstein, was recorded saying in a deposition Epstein had told her “Clinton likes them young,” referring to girls.

Trump would eat dinner at Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida home, according to court documents.

Friday’s documents also include transcripts of Maxwell’s deposition in which she was asked about her and Epstein’s connection with Clinton.

When Giuffre’s lawyers asked if she ever flew the former president on her helicopter, she dismissed the claim as “another one of Virginia’s lies,” documents show.

“I have never flown President Clinton at any time ever, in any helicopter, in any place, any time, in any state, in any country, at any time anywhere,” she said.

Maxwell also denied ever dining with Clinton at any of Epstein’s homes but confirmed that she flew with him on the late pedophile’s plane in 2002.

Clinton, who has been mentioned more than 70 times in the newly unsealed documents, has been photographed on Epstein’s jet, known as the “Lolita Express,” multiple times and had Epstein as a guest at the White House on at least 17 occasions during his presidency.


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