Twitch streamer and pro video gamer Nadia Amine claims she was banned from CoD tournaments for posting bikini pics

Professional video gamer Nadia Amine — who claims to be one of the best Call of Duty players in the world — says she’s been “completely black listed” from tournaments hosted by game maker Activision Blizzard over “posting bikini pictures.”

“Completely black listed from playing call of duty tournaments all for posting bikini pictures, never posted nudity one in my life. but again, the guys in the cod community can post their bare ass on social media. ggs,” Amine posted on X Wednesday.

Amine, 23, who’s amassed a following of 1.2 million Twitch and 449,000 YouTube followers, says she’s being punished by the gaming company for posting risqué bikini pictures to her Passes account — an OnlyFans-style content platform where fans can subscribe to creators through exclusive memberships.

The site does not allow “explicit adult content, nudity, or pornography,” according to Passes Community and Content Guidelines page.

Nadia Amine said she has been “black listed” from competing in Call of Duty tournaments’ by Activision because of her bikini pictures. nadiakamine/Instagram

Her claims against the gaming giant have reignited old allegations made against Amine about her cheating while playing the multi-generational hit video game.

“I think this only applies to people who cheat like yourself. Genuinely good female players are very easy to spot and never bitch about this nonsense,” one user posted.

“I know so many females that are so much better than me at video games. It has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a girl. You’re just a cheater that wants to keep using the “I’m a female” excuse to deflect the problem,” another wrote.

The gamer says she was “never posted nudity” on her Passes account. nadiakamine/Instagram

In response to the criticism, Amine clapped back at her haters for being envious of her skills.

“It’s sad to see instead of boys accepting a woman is better at them in a video game, they have to perpetuate the idea they cheated in order to sleep at night. it’s a hard reality to accept your dog s–t,” the gamer wrote.

Allegations of her cheating arose in 2022 after users and viewers of her content started making claims Amine was using Aimbot’s — a cheating software that automatically locks on targets in first-person shooter games rather than having the user manually move their mouse — during gameplay.

Amine has amassed over 1.2 million Twitch and 449,000 YouTube followers while working as a streamer. nadiakamine/Instagram

Amine attempted to clear her name following the cheating allegations by streaming her gameplay on a “clean PC” designed by Full Squad Gaming, according to Vice.

When fans of Amine suggested to the gamer to create a Call of Duty tournament of her own, she revealed she couldn’t since “Activision has to give approval for big tournaments.”

The California-based gaming company has not commented on Anime’s alleged ban. 

Amine (L) has denied all allegations of cheating since being accused in 2022. nadiakamine/Instagram

The Post has reached out to Activision Blizzard over Amine’s claims.

Even with her alleged ban by the gaming giant, Amine made a post late Wednesday afternoon saying she was hosting a $6,900 buy-in tournament on Twitch.

“Being banned won’t stop me. Come watch me win,” she wrote on X.

Twitch — the popular streaming site — banned Amine for 14 days over “sharing personal information,” she posted on X in December 2022.

The ban was unrelated to the cheating allegations against her.


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