Two Shots Fired At Showcase Cinema De Lux In Liverpool, Police Warn People Of The Area

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Two Shots Fired At Showcase Cinema

Following a shooting at a movie theatre where employees were allegedly intimidated with a pistol, a guy has been taken into custody. Overnight, a shooter went on the run in Liverpool, causing pandemonium as police searched for him in a frantic attempt to apprehend him. Fortunately, no one was injured in the three occurrences that occurred during the night which involved claims of gunfire at a newsagent, a movie theatre, and a residential building. Around 8 p.m., a man is reported to have entered a well-known neighbourhood newsagent and made threats against the store clerk while brandishing a sizable gun. He then allegedly fled empty-handed.

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The startling video that surfaced from the newsagents showed a man entering the store with a big rifle while appearing to be wearing flip-flops. Although the shop assistant did not sustain any injuries, police said that they were “extremely distressed” by the occurrence. Subsequently, other reports of gunfire outside Croxteth’s Showcase Cinema prompted police to launch a lockdown while they looked for the man, who was allegedly driving off. Then, just before 5 a.m. this morning, police located and detained a 49-year-old male following a third incident of gunfire at around 10.20 p.m. When the officers had to use a Taser to subdue the individual, he turned hostile.

Shots were fired outside Croxteth’s Showcase Cinema, forcing patrons and employees into a lockdown rather than enjoying the newest blockbuster smash. The incident was deemed “shocking and distressing” by Merseyside Police, who also stated that everyone at the movie theatre, the store assistant who was challenged by the suspected gunman, and the people living on Malpas Road were the ones most affected. They continued: “Officers were on the ground immediately following the first incident and were able to respond swiftly to the subsequent discharges, and a male was identified. located and arrested on suspicion of all three discharges.”


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