Who Is Demi Agoglia? British Woman Died After BBL Operation In Turkey

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Who Is Demi Agoglia

Only a few hours before her scheduled return to Manchester, Demi Agoglia complained of chest issues. According to her relatives, she went back to the Istanbul clinic for a check-up but on the way to the hospital in a cab, she had a heart attack. Her partner Bradley Jones tried desperately to revive her. Despite being transported to intensive care, she was declared dead on Monday by the doctors who were unable to rescue her. Despite physicians reporting Demi’s operation last Thursday went well, it is thought that she experienced a series of heart attacks brought on by a fat embolism. Demi is from Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester.

Who Is Demi Agoglia

After undergoing botched dental procedures and other surgeries, the mother of three, who gave birth to her youngest son just seven months earlier, had flown to Turkey. Today, Carl, her distraught brother, 37, shared how her partner and family had attempted to convince Demi not to get the treatment done. Carl also cautioned anyone else considering travelling to Turkey for surgery. “Don’t do it!”. The father of four stated: “What transpired is tragic. We are merely stunned. To get it completed, she travelled to Istanbul.”She’d gone to get her teeth done before. She is one of those people who nobody wants her to go out and get it done.

“Her partner is still out there and his dad has just flown out there to be with him.”She shouldn’t have died; she was only 26. Simply put, avoid it; the risk is too great. It was the wrong thing for her to do. Three small children are her legacy. I learned of this just this morning. Her two oldest children arrived home early and told her that they had been away with their father. She also has a baby that is seven months old.” Georgina, the younger sister, shared a heartfelt tribute video of Demi on TikTok. “I lost my sister yesterday,” the writer stated. Demi, you are sorely missed. Nothing seems genuine anymore.


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