York County Sheriff’s Sgt. pranks scammer claiming to be police

Would the real Sgt. Casey please stand up?

A South Carolina sheriff’s sergeant turned the tables on a “diabolical scammer” when he called up the fraudster who was impersonating him in phone calls with potential victims.

York County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Casey repeatedly dialed up the perp before the department revealed the jig was up, and warned the scam artist to buzz off.

The series of prank calls was captured on video by the sheriff’s department in a bid to have fun at the expense of the unidentified con artist and stop him from attempting to steal from unsuspecting citizens.

The video starts with Casey talking with a colleague about how a potential victim received a call from the fraudster — who had a southern drawl — claiming to be the sergeant about a “pressing legal matter he had to deal with,” — before the two officials agree to prank call the scammer back.

With the call on speaker phone, Casey, pretending to be an unsuspecting victim, tells the scammer he was told to call that number back. Casey claimed his name was Frank, but the scammer ended up hanging up after telling the undercover law enforcement official he would look that name up.

Sgt. Casey called the scammer up at least three times during the prank calls.
Sgt. Casey called the scammer up at least three times during the prank calls. York County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Casey called the unidentified suspect up again, this time going by Jeff Myers.

“I got a call regarding a legal matter that I need to deal with,” Casey said. “Sergeant Kevin Casey called.”

Once again, the fraudster hung up after Casey asked if he was talking to the York sheriff’s office.

In a third phone call to the scammer’s number, Casey revealed the truth.

The sheriff's office warned residents it will never ask for money over the phone.
The sheriff’s office warned residents it will never ask for money over the phone. York County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

“Hey, Sergeant Kevin Casey, I got information for you that this is Sergeant Kevin Casey calling,” Casey said over voicemail.

“I don’t have a thick southern accent like you so the people that you’re calling, you need to stop because we’re gonna look into this and we’re gonna pay you a visit.”

In a Jan. 5 Facebook post, the sheriff’s office said the “diabolical scammer” tried calling at least five people in on the same day.

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson also made a phone call to the perp on camera, explaining the sheriff’s office never requests money from locals over the phone.

“You’re caught, quit doing it,” he also said over voicemail as he hung up the phone. 


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